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Hero Overview

Jaune Tom is one of the male protagonists of the film Gay Purr-ee.

He is Mewsette's love interest and an exceptionally skilled mouser. The later scenes of the movie also show Jaune Tom being good at paw-to-paw combat, when he has to fight Meowrice in the train.


Jaune Tom appears for the first time singing on his way to meet Mewsette. The rendezvous is disturbed by Robespierre, who has spotted a mouse, which causes Jaune Tom to forget about his love and chase the rodent. Sometime later, he tries to give her the mouse he has pounced, but she dislikes eating mice, considering them as creatures not worth a distinguished feline. The rejection causes Jaune Tom a breakdown.

Shortly after Mewsette took a train to Paris, Jaune Tom and his sidekick Robespierre go after her, walking by their feet to Paris. An old cat at the train station shows them the direction. Jaune Tom and Robespierre arrive in Paris after Mewsette, searching for her without success.They are waylaid by one of Meowrice's shadowy cat henchmen and narrowly escape drowning in Paris's labyrinthine sewers.

Having emerged to the surface, Jaune Tom displays his mouse-hunting skills in front of Meowrice (known as "Virtue-Mousety"), who sees a money-making opportunity, gets them drunk, and sells them as mousers to a ship bound for Alaska. On the ship, Robespierre cheers up a depressed Jaune Tom, telling him that any problem, regardless of size, can be broken up into manageable pieces, by remarking that even the great ocean is made up of little drops of water.

Meanwhile, not long after they reach Alaska (a howling wilderness of snow), Jaune Tom and Robespierre strike gold, when Jaune Tom mistakes a gold formation for a wild mouse. Having acquired wealth, the two tomcats hurry back to Paris. 

Back in Paris, they have been aided by Mme. Ruebens-Chatte, who has been cheated by her own "brother" with a worthless check. The track leads them to the Notre-Dame belltower, where Mewsette led them a message that she has been taken to the Gare du Nord railway station. Jaune Tom imagines Meowrice as a huge rat and manages to jump on board of the train with Robespierre. Meowrice's henchmen get defeated first, when Robespierre manages to distract them and Jaune Tom kicks them out of the train.

Jaune Tom releases Mewsette from the container and gets struck by her beauty. Meowrice uses that as an advantage and drops a crate upon Jaune Tom, only enfuriating the latter. After a brief fight, Jaune Tom decides to pack Meowrice into the crate intended for Mewsette, doubtless that this will be a nasty surprise for Mr. Phtt. The film concludes with Mewsette, Jaune Tom and Robespierre enjoying the high life in Paris that Mewsette was seeking when she left home.


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