I am the anger of a dead people, demanding that blood be spilled for the blood we have lost. Only when the last Reaper has been destroyed will my purpose be fulfilled. I have no other reason to exist.
~ Javik

Javik is one of the main protagonists and squad members in the video game Mass Effect 3, though he can only be acquired through the From Ashes DLC. He is the last living Prothean after the others were extinct and seeks revenge against the Reapers. He was sealed in a life pod for 50,000 years and was reawakened by Commander Shepard, subsequently becoming one of his/her squad.

He was voiced by Ike Amadi.


Traitors are the worst kind of enemy. In our cycle, we would remove their limbs one by one and give them a choice: eat their own flesh, or starve. Your politician deserved far worse than a bullet. And if the other human had not seen reason, his/her death would be certain too. There is only one enemy in this war: Reapers. No others will be tolerated.
~ Javik's opinion of traitors

Due to all the horrors he saw in the Prothean-Reaper War, the destruction of his entire race being the most obvious, combined with being reawakened into a new cycle where nothing is what he expected, Javik is a very moody, violent, cynical and distrusting individual armed with a burning thirst for vengeance and a brutal honesty. He is very reluctant to make friends with the Normandy crew, believing it to not be his purpose. He also sees no value in honour or morality in battle, clearly implying that he sees no good side to it. Nevertheless, this does not stop him from opening up to Commander Shepard about his cycle, despite believing it doesn't matter now that his people are dead, as well as showing various signs of respect towards the Commander throughout the game. Apart from Shepard, however, Javik is generally very rude and unfriendly to anyone he interacts with, frequently referring to the species of the current cycle as "primitives" and addressing people by their species rather than by name, the latter of which Liara eventually calls him out for.

Despite his reserved personality and unwillingness to open up to any of the crew, Javik is a very opinionated person, perhaps to the point of dogmatism, never hesitating to speak his view on a given situation. This is especially true when the subject is synthetics. Due to his race's unpleasant history with machines (such as the Reapers and the Zha'Til), Javik believes that all machines commit treachery eventually and that it is impossible for them and organics to co-exist. He backs up his claim by saying that synthetics know how they were created and why, while organics don't, meaning that, according to Javik, synthetics see no reason for organics to exist. He also says that while organics are trapped by the limitations of time, synthetics aren't and that because they are sentient, they are smart enough to wonder why they have to take orders from their inferiors. He firmly warns Shepard not to form an alliance with the Geth and not to taking any chances with Legion, insisting that he/she throw him out the airlock (which even Renegade-Shepard thinks is a little drastic) and that the Geth oppose the Reapers simply to eliminate the competition. EDI, however, claims that Protheans were no better since they subjugated the other races of their time, though Javik defends this by saying that they dominated them, and that it was the intention of evolution. Indeed, Javik is shown to be a strong believer in the process of evolution, saying that extinction is the natural order of things and those who have nothing to offer are doomed to perish. He even goes so far as to describe peace as a "static mode of existence," where nothing grows, changes or struggles.

As the Avatar of Vengeance for his people, Javik is always in favour of the most ruthless, yet efficient methods possible. Examples of this include his above mentioned insistence that Shepard throw Legion out the airlock and his belief that the turians should have detonated a bomb to wipe out the krogan rather than deploying the genophage. He also claims that the asari should have executed the Ardat-Yakshi instead of imprisoning them in a monastery, claiming that his people would never allow such monsters to walk among them, though Tali notes that few species would, and the asari were very kind to keep them alive. However, Javik admits that, having spent his whole life as a soldier, he finds it difficult to think outside the box, and under different circumstances, he may have been the benevolent being Liara wished him to be. Indeed, while he often comes off as biased and narrow-minded, Javik will not hesitate to admit the mistakes made by his people; the whole reason the Protheans lost the war is because they became predictable due to the lack of variations in their strategies. When Liara tells him that the current cycle is different (i.e. most races cooperate but they still remain unique), Javik approves, and states that it may be their only hope for victory.

Javik despises traitors, describing them as the worst form of enemy; as he puts it, in his cycle, they would punish traitors by tearing their limbs off and giving them a choice; eat their own flesh or starve. Because of this, he believes that Udina being gunned down for his treachery was a far cry from what he deserved. He claims that traitors are never to be trusted, even by the enemy, saying that if they can betray their allies, they can easily do the same to their enemies. As far as Javik is concerned, the only enemies in the war are Reapers and any others aren't worth his time.

Throughout the game, Javik is disturbingly unfazed by atrocities that other crew members are horrified by, due to the fact that he had seen far worse in his own war. Tali'Zorah felt very sorry for him that he had to see such horrors, sympathy that Javik appreciated despite considering it unnecessary. In fact, beneath Javik's cold, stoic exterior lies a deeply tormented soul haunted by traumatic events, to the point that he was grateful that he couldn't remember the faces of his people, since the pain was gone with it. If convinced by Shepard to take the Echo Shard and relive all the memories, he remembers a horrific time that all of his crew got indoctrinated and he was forced to kill them by slitting their throats. That day, he realised that war is an atrocity committed in the name of survival, which he describes as a lesson he wishes he never learned.


  • Javik is only available through the Mass Effect 3: From Ashes DLC pack.
  • Although he can be recruited immediately following Priority: Mars, he will remain unavailable for the mission Priority: Palaven. He will also be unavailable for N7: Cerberus Lab if you do it before Priority: Palaven.
  • The design of Javik's armor is based on that of samurai to suggest an ancient feel despite being extremely high-tech.[1]
  • Javik can be seen using green-colored biotics during cutscenes, yet in-game his attacks have the regular blue coloring — with the exception of Dark Channel; his unique power.
  • In the squadmate selection menu, Javik is shown holding a Disciple, but he can only be equipped with an assault rifle and a pistol.
  • Javik translates from the Hindi language to mean "Biological" or "Organic," fitting given his place in the universe.
  • Javik's powers cannot be reset in the med-bay, so bear this in mind when first using him.
  • Curiously, Javik refers to the Geth VI as "the 'Legion' machine" when he asks why Shepard has not yet thrown it out the airlock after the Priority: Geth Dreadnought mission. This happens regardless of in-universe awareness of Legion's name, which is impossible in event of its non-activation or sale to Cerberus in Mass Effect 2.
  • As with all squad members, Javik has unique dialogue that can be heard at various locations, during missions or assignments, or if a specific squad member is in the selected team.


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