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Jaxx Herd is a major character in the 2018 sci-fi/thriller film, The Meg. She is an engineer and the designer of the Mana One station.

Jaxx is portrayed by Ruby Rose, who also portrays Adele Wolff in XXX: Return of Xander Cage, Ares in John Wick: Chapter 2, Calamity in Pitch Perfect 3, Kate Kane / Batwoman in the Arrowverse, Ali Gorski in The Doorman, Grace Lewis in SAS: Red Notice, and Victoria in Vanquish.


Jaxx is first seen when she's introduced by Dr. Zhang to the billionaire Jack Morris along with the other crew members. She helps oversee the submarine mission to the Mariana Trench. She is like everyone else in awe of this new world and new sea creatures. The joy is short-lived when a monster attacks Origin and prevents communication to Mana One. In a meeting, the scientists discuss all the solutions to save the trapped little group, but none can help. However Mac at the idea of ​​contacting Jonas Taylor for a rescue mission despite the protests of Dr. Heller.

At the top of the platform, Jaxx meets Jonas and jokes with him that she designed the station. Jonas laughs saying that her life depends on her but that she seems confident. Then, she once again oversees Jonas' submarine mission. Sadly, only Lori and The Wall are brought back as Toshi sacrifices himself to occupy the Meg. The group later discuss the giant shark and learn that it has risen to the surface, killing two whales that came around the station.

Jaxx is among those who go to the scene of the attack of the Meg where he decimated three boats. She pulls out a specially designed polycarbonate cage that won't break, but Jonas remains worried. When Suyin is attacked in the cage by the Meg, the boat shakes and a crane knocks Jaxx into the water, but she is saved by Morris. After the shark is killed, its corpse is placed on the boat but another larger Meg appears and overturns the boat. While the others are back on the hull, Jaxx and Heller are still in the water and are targeted by the Meg. Heller sacrifices himself by waving in all directions and Jaxx can save himself and tearfully thanks the doctor. Going back to the station in the canoes, Jaxx is annoyed by Morris's whims and suggests that DJ throw him overboard.

When everyone learns that Morris never notified any authority of the Meg's presence, Jonas takes control and orders Jaxx to hack Morris's tracking system to find the shark. Then she and everyone else sets off on a boat near Sanjay Bay to kill the Meg. When the group finds themselves in the water, Jonas saves the day by disembowelling the monster and impaling it with a spear in the eye. Then, they find refuge aboard a wedding boat and celebrate their survival as well as pay tribute to their dead friends.

[1]Jaxx Herd June 12th 1974 Mana One

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