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Jazzi is one of the six main characters in The Save-Ums, voiced by Tajja Isen.


Jazzi is a scrappy 5 years and 8 month old girl. Jazzi is loud and friendly and super energetic (make that rambunctious!).

When Jazzi wants something she usually just goes for it. Because of Jazzi's feistiness and impulsive nature, she is often the Save-Um who leads the charge and articulates the group consensus.

Jazzi looks out for her baby brother, B.B. Jammies - but all of the Save-Ums keep an eye on B.B. Jammies. They're a team. If the Save-Ums had a leader, which they don't, it would probably be Jazzi. She is younger than Noodle and, frankly, louder. She laughs easily, but then just as quickly, Jazzi can become very intense and focussed. Jazzi's strength is her strong personality and seeming fearlessness.


Jazzi is beautiful, but she is also outspoken, interested and confident.


  • Jazzi is the only character who didn't drive on each vehicle.
  • Jazzi's voice actress is Tajja Isen in the series, but in the reboot, she is voiced by Stephanie Beard (who voiced Olena), making her sound the way she sounded in Season 1.
  • Jazzi's voice sounds identical to Betty Barrett, a.k.a. Atomic Betty.


  • People, we have a plan!
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