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It was times like these when I thought my father, who hated guns and had never been to any wars, was the bravest man who ever lived.
~ Scout about her father.

Jean Louise Finch, nicknamed Scout, is the deuteragonist and narrator of To Kill a Mockingbird and the main protagonist of its first draft and non-canon sequel, Go Set a Watchman.

In the film adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird, she was portrayed by Mary Badham.


Jean Louise Finch is very different from the girls in her neighborhood. She is a tomboy who roughhouses with her brother Jem, and abhors wearing dresses, preferring to wear a shirt with denim overalls.


  • Atticus Finch: Since they are advocates for equality for all races, Jean Louise Finch and her father Atticus support each other. Scout and her brother Jem even became angry that Tom Robinson had to die just because he was black, and that his prosecutors, the Ewells, framed him for raping Bob Ewell's daughter.
  • Jem Finch: Scout and Jem are best friends, playing together often. They are fascinated by Boo Radley. The duo and their father Atticus tried to defend Tom Robinson, but their attempts, despite being very strong, proved futile, since racism had rigged the case.
  • Dill Baker: Dill Harris is best friends with Scout and Jem, and is by far the most interested in Boo Radley, and the most determined to draw Boo out of his home. At one point, Dill proposes to Scout and kisses her, and they agree to marry as adults.
  • Arthur Radley: While their fantasies claim that his personality is cruel, Arthur "Boo" Radley is really a good person. He once put a blanket on Scout, and even saved her life from Bob Ewell's attack.
  • The Ewells: The Ewells are Scout's nemesēs, being white trash people who cannot be trusted. Bob's daughter, Mayella, made sexual advances towards Tom, before her father saw what she was doing and beat her. Because Tom was black, Bob reversed Tom's and Mayella's roles during the court trial.

Significant Events[]

Year Event
1929 When Scout is 2, Atticus finds her mother dead on the porch after work.
1933 Mockingbird starts. Scout is 6, Dill is 7, Jem is 10, Atticus is 52.
1935 Mockingbird ends. Scout is 8, Dill is 9, Jem is near 13, Atticus is 54.
? Atticus drives Scout, Jem, and Hank to swim, but Jem falls outta the car.
1938 In sixth grade, Scout (11) becomes sick; Ada Belle explains that she's menstruating. Some time later, Scout is kissed by Albert Coningham for help with geography. Some time later, Ada tells Scout that Francine Owen is pregnant by her own father. This leads Ada to explain that pregnancy is when women have babies, which - to her knowledge - is when they are French-kissed. This makes Scout believe that Albert had gotten her pregnant. Mr. Owen was jailed, Francine was sent to Baptist Orphans' Home in Abbott County, and Fran's sister was sent to Mobile.
30/9/1939 In seventh grade, on a Saturday, Scout (12) climbed atop the water-tank and comtemplated suicide, when Hank dragged her back down; Theodore the ice-man warned Hank after seeing Scout climb the water-tank. Hank brought Scout home, and Calpurnia told Scout she wasn't pregnant, and explained her the cycle.
29/5/1941 Jem (18) takes Scout (14) to his class' Commencement Dance, the day before the Junior-Senior Banquet. Jem danced with his girl Irene, Scout danced with Hank, and Jem was voted Most Handsome in senior class.
? Hank is whacked in the face with a rifle's butt on the battlefield by a German, opening his face and knocking out six teeth.
1951 Jem (28) drops dead from a heart attack.
Scout (24) is scolded by Aunt Alexandra for not being there for Atticus and Jem.
1953 Watchman takes place. Scout is 26, Dill is 27, Hank is in his late 20s, and Atticus is 72. Zeebo's son Frank kills a white man in a car accident, and Atticus is reluctant to defend him, briefly enraging Scout.