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Jeanne D'Arc is a dragon and a minor protagonist in Dragalia Lost. She is one of five dragons to be infected and corrupted by black mana before being reborn with new power.


Jeanne D'Arc bares the resemblance of a valkyrie. She wears a set of armor and carries a staff with a flag on it. She has long blonde hair with green ends, she has crystal blue eyes, and she has a long white tail with vines around it.

When she is dressed up for Dragonyule, she trades her armor for a red, white, and blue dress. the vines on her tail have been removed, and she now wields a staff with a ribbon on it.

While under the influence of the black mana, her skin has become completely pale. Her blue eyes have become a demonic yellow with purple eyeliner, and her hair has lost its coloring. Her tail had become black with the vines looking yellow, and her silver armor has also turned black.

Upon being freed from the black mana and being reborn, Jeanne's hair regains its blond and green coloring while also becoming much shorter. Her tail is white again, and the vines around it now sprout flowers. She has a new set of armor and a newer flashier staff.



A merciful, eternal knight about whom legends abound, she takes the form of a young maiden. She's said to appear whenever people are suffering—be it from corrupt government or fiend invasions—and lead them to salvation.


Jeanne d'Arc has donned a beautiful dress for Dragonyule. She acts embarrassed to wear it, but deep down enjoys doing so. Despite her new attire, she hasn't lost her high-minded spirit, and watches over everyone as they enjoy the holiday.


The dragon maiden who guides all, now freed from miasmal corruption, shines with newfound luster. Inspired by the youth's hopes for a radiant future, she hoists the standard of battle to offer steadfast support to her warriors.



Jeanne D'Arc was known by many to be a dragon that took the form of a knight. A man by the name of Grissblum heard of these legends and decided to make use of them. He brought in his niece, and he claimed that she had formed a pact with Jeanne D'Arc and can shapeshift into her. However, this was a lie as she not only didn't have such a pact, but her alberian blood was so sparse that she had no hope of shapeshifting.

Nonetheless, when she is put into a suit of armor, she bore heavy resemblance to the legendary dragon. Despite the ruse providing hope for the land's people, the niece couldn't help but feel guilty over the lie. When her uncle refuses to help those in need though, the niece becomes enraged that she decided to take action herself, no longer caring whether or not she was the real Jeanne D'Arc.

Despite her best efforts, the girl's army fell to a horde of fiends, leaving her all alone in an unfamiliar wood. However, she soon found herself rescued by a being clad in armor. The strange being handed the girl her flag and helped her regain her army, and the girl managed to lead her army to victory. On that day, the girl realized that her savior was none other than Jeanne D'Arc.


On one Dragonyule Eve, Jeanne D'Arc found a person being attacked by a fiend, and took action to save him. Upon doing so, she introduces herself, causing the man to think he will meet his end due to the fact he was a criminal and that Jeanne guide the lost and valued peave above all else and so he demanded her to end him quickly.

However, Jeanne could tell just by looking at the man that his life was ending regardless of what she did. She then noticed the man holding a small box, to which the man reveals it to be a dragonyule gift for his daughter. After explaining how he hoped to return to his daughter, the man passes away. Seeing this level of selflessness, Jeanne decided to honor the man's dying wish, so she took the present and delivered it to the man's daughter for him.


After having been freed from the black mana thanks to Luca and the rest of the Halidom party, Jeanne D'Arc found that its presence hadn't completely left her. Not only that she remembered every moment when she under its influence. The voice of her void self rang out to her and told her that all her efforts to bring peace were fruitless and told her to fight only for herself.

However, Jeanne refused to listen. She continued to fight to make amends for her time under the black mana's influence. Eventually, she tells her void self that even if her words are true, she will continue to protect those in need just the same. When she finds an army protecting a fort, she convinces them to instead focus on protecting their families and fight for their sake no matter how long such a battle will go on for.

Void Jeanne tells her such words were cruel and that Jeanne did nothing but give them false hope. Jeanne, howver, acknowledges that even if there is no guaruntee they will be victorious, providing them such hope will allow the possibility of victory to remain.

Jeanne continues to help others all while constantly having her evil side belittle her for it.


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