Jeannie cartoon
is a magical genie who travels with her master Corey Anders and his best friend Henry Glopp. She also had a genie-in-training named Babu who finally graduated from her tutoring but remained incompetent. Jeannie's bottle was found by Corey while he was surfing and wiped out. Like in the original live-action show, wishes and intentions do not always meet up.

Jeannie is the animated form of 1960's sitcom heroine Jeannie Nelson, though the two have some obvious and pronounced differences. Jeannie and her friends once appeared with Scooby-Doo and his gang in a crossover cartoon, and were meant to appear in Laff-A-Lympics, but due to rights issues, only Babu did.

As with her original counterpart, Jeannie is a favorite of The Great Hadji, the leader of all genies.

Physical appearance

Jeannie is a redhead with a pony-tail hairdo, in her case, the focus of her powers. If it is cut off, she cannot use her powers until it regrows, either naturally or by magic. Being animated, she is often shown levitating in the lotus position when summoned.


Jeannie seems to like her master, and is jealous of his attention to other girls, but does not seem outright obsessed with him like the original Jeannie. She is patient to a fault with the dim-witted but likable Babu. She is even more apt than the original Jeannie to re-interpret her master's orders, but has less of a temper as well. She is also less apt at dealing with the world, like when she created a 'Deer Crossing' area to stop Corey from doing something, only to have the deer in question cross the area like schoolchildren.

Powers and abilities

She does magic, usually by pointing with her ponytail at something. She can levitate and fly. There are restrictions on her magic, but those seem largely driven by the plot, and are somewhat inconsistent.

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