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Jebediah Kerman is one of the original four astronauts in Kerbal Space Program. He is astronaut #0001 and the owner of Jebediah Kerman's Junkyard and Spaceship Parts Co. He has the position of "pilot" in the astronaut roster. His distinct yet bizarre personality as well as his state of being the astronaut who most commonly appears has made him one of, if not the most popular character in Kerbal Space Program.

Due to his identity number being first, he will always by default be the first astronaut to board any vessel launched. He, along with Bill, Bob, and Valentina, will wear an orange space suit while on board. He has moderate intelligence and moderate courage.


Jebediah, as previously mentioned, is of average intelligence and of average courage. More noticeably, he appears to be insane, as he makes a crazy smile while the most awry and dangerous of situations is happening. This factor has made him very well known.


Jebediah, like all other male Kerbals, has green skin and short black hair with a widow's peak, and stands at roughly 2'4".


  • Jebediah Kerman has commonly been shortened to "Jeb". Various mods have utilized "Jeb" in their name.
  • In the game's files, he is recognized as a "badass", although this does not affect gameplay.
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