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Jeffery "Jeff" Johansen is one of the playable survivors in Dead by Daylight introduced in Darkness Among Us. A Quiet Artist whit a heart of gold who stands steadfast against impossible odds.


Jeff grew up as a silent only child with parents that would go on to divorce. Jeff became interested in heavy metal and art and would draw in his spare time while working at a video store. One day someone asked him to paint a logo for his gang and Jeff did it with the man giving him a 50 dollar bill and a 12 pack: his first paid commission. Jeff soon found work as a roadie but after getting hospitalized after a fight during a concert Jeff was forced to end that career nearly losing part of his eyesight and took the time to reassess his life and went to art school. Worked designing labels for microbreweries and even adopted a dog. One day he got a call saying his father had died so he returned to his hometown of Ormond and visited the places from his past and even claimed a guitar his father had left for him. He then headed up to the abandoned lodge to find the mural he painted, however Jeff was soon reported missing. Jeff was now in the Entity's realm where he began using his skills to help himself and other survivors escape from the clutches of The Entity's servants including the gang that had commissioned Jeff to paint their mural.


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