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Jeff TS
Jeffrey "Jeff" the Spider is a giant Underworld spider and the supporting character in The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy. He is a giant Underworld spider monster. He is the son of Billy and Mandy. Jeff made his first appearance in season 2. In Underfist, Jeff sings "I Don't Wanna Grow Up" with Fred Fredburger.


Jeff is an gigantic spider that Billy hatched from an egg who quickly imprinted on Billy. Later tried to "grow up", with mixed results, and joined Underfist.


Jeff is an giant spider with a heart of gold and no desire beyond to be loved by his adopted father, Billy. In fact, he is described by Mandy as being both "too nice" and "basically insane". However, Jeff seems completely incapable of understanding that Billy hates spiders, including Jeff himself, to the point of madness, despite the fact that Billy regularly beats him with anything he can get his hands on. His only real goal in life is to really have Billy love him like a son.

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