Jennifer is the main protagonist of the horror game Rule of Rose.


Jennifer is an orphan in Gregory Wilson's orphanage and she has no memory of who she is. Jennifer is regularly abused by Gregory who forces her to confess to mishaps she didn't cause.

One day Jennifer is distracted outside the orphanage by a strange boy who leads her into the attic where she makes an odd discovery of a coffin. However, she is then abducted by the Aristocrats who are a nasty group of young girls with the intent of ruling the world. Jennifer is put in the bottom of their hierarchy after a discussion. Jennifer becomes friends with an ill girl named Wendy and she exchanges possible love letters between them both.


On a journey to regain her memories Jennifer is plagued by monsters such as the Imps and hideous bosses such as the mermaid, which are all part of her imagination. Jennifer is accompanied by her Labrador at all times. She gets all her memories back at the same time the Aristocrats murder her dog as a sacrifice.

Jennifer is eventually confronted by the girls who wanted to kill her to elect a new leader, but Gregory approaches and its revealed Wendy was the manipulator of the whole events, she manipulated Jennifer and Gregory as well as the other girls into believing she was innocent. Gregory breaks out of her control and shoots Wendy dead. He then kills himself.

Jennifer is left to think about the events, and she finds her dog is actually still alive. She puts him in a kennel and promises she'll always be with him.


Jennifer begins as a timid unimpressive character but she slowly begins to develop into a strong-willed person. She overcomes her fears and learns about the people manipulating her life. However she never condemns even the most evil people and she can always forgive anyone.

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