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Jennifer Friedman is the tritagonist of Eight Crazy Nights and the childhood love interest of Davey Stone. She was voiced by Jackie Sandler (then known as Jackie Titone) while Allison Krauss did her singing voice.

Her Story

She was the childhood sweetheart of Davey Stone until he became a juvenile delinquent due to his parents' death 20 years ago.

Before the movie started with Davey, Jennifer used to be married for 13 years after her friendship with Davey was over since his parents dies. But her husband left her and their son for some woman he met on the computer.

So, she and her son move back to her hometown a month ago and is now a single mother to raise her son named Benjamin. In the present, she and her son work at the mall where they work at Dunkin Dounts where she met Davey once again.

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