Jenny Flint

Jenny Flint is a supporting character in Doctor Who. She is a member of the Paternoster Gang and the maid, lover and eventual wife of Madame Vastra. Operating from London in the late 19th century, they, along with the Sontaran Strax, assist the Doctor against various threats while also performing their own investigations.

She is portrayed by Catrin Stewart.


Jenny had a romantic relationship with Vastra, despite the fact that she was a different species. She seemed proud to be married to the Silurian, noting that Dr Simeon had never been married. This commitment to her marriage was further shown when the Doctor kissed her after she rescued him from Ada Gillyflower's cell. Although he had no intentions other than to show his gleeful gratitude, Jenny promptly slapped him while clearly looking uncomfortable at the gesture. Jenny showed jealousy when Vastra showed interest in others. She was also quite sarcastic at times. For example, she replied, "Thank you," to Vastra's comment that mammals all looked alike. Her sarcastic nature was also shown when she said, "At your service," to Simeon. When Vastra explained to Clara Oswald about the public image she and Jenny had to maintain, Jenny wondered aloud why she still acted like a maid in private.

Even though she lived with a 'lizard woman' and a 'potato dwarf', Jenny was something of a realist as she still believed Clara to be dead during the events of the Crimson Horror and was deeply confused when the Doctor stated otherwise, despite the fact that the Doctor had told her before that there was another version of her somewhere in the universe. However, she seemed satisfied when she saw the truth for herself and didn't believe the new Clara to be an imposter. She was subsequently impressed by Clara's deduction of where Winifred Gillyflower was keeping her rocket and the two eventually became friends.

Despite being a feisty and fierce warrior, Jenny could also be compassionate. She comforted Amy Pond about the loss of her child and told her that it wasn't the Doctor's fault that Melody Pond had been kidnapped.

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