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Secret Agent Jeopardy Mouse is a tomboyish secret agent mouse and the rival turns the possibly love interest of Danger Mouse of the 2015 reboot series Danger Mouse.

She is voiced by Lena Headey.


She wears a pink jump suit an aqua blue belt and dark green boots with blue gloves. She has a no-Nonsense personality and prefers to get missions done in the most quickest and practical way.


The female American equivalent of Danger Mouse. Clad in a slick military jumpsuit and working under orders from General E. Normous Schwartznut, she performs her missions professionally and without fuss-- but has a tendency to be overbearing and take herself too seriously.

Powers and Abilities


Season 1

In “Jeopardy Mouse”,...

In “Quark Games”,...

In “Hail Hydrant”,...

In “The Duckula Show”,...

Season 2

In “Lost Tempers in Space”,...

In “Thanksgiving Sinner”,...

In “Roll of the Mice”,...

In “Groundmouse Day”,...

In “The Supies”,...




Season 1

"Jeopardy Mouse"

"Quark Games"

"Hail Hydrant"
"The Duckula Show"

Season 2

Lost Tempers in Space

Thanksgiving Sinner

Roll of the Mice

Groundmouse Day

The Supies


Concept art


  • She has appeared in 8 episodes of the same rebooted series.
  • She maybe knows that Danger Mouse has a crush on her.


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