Jeremy the Crow is the deuteragonist in The Secret of Nimh and a supporting character in The Secret of Nimh 2: Timmy to the Rescue.

Jeremy is allergic to cats, as he sneezes when Farmer Fitzgibbons' cat, Dragon arrives. He is voiced by the late Dom Deluise, one of only two voice actors from the original film to reprise the role in the sequel (The other being Arthur Malet  as Mr. Ages).


Jeremy is a funny and clumsy black crow who is allergic to cats. He also appears to get scared rather easily as he seems to be faint-hearted of Dragon and the Great Owl. Despite this, however, he befriends the widow Mrs. Brisby and is shown to care for her slightly. Despite his clumsiness and incompetence he is the only character who directly attacks Dragon, successfully rescuing Mrs. Brisby from it. After she is left distraught at losing Timmy's medicine in the process, Jeremy seems to just lose track of conversation when suddenly he reveals he saved the medicine for her.


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