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Jericho Cane is the main hero of the 1999 action horror thriller, End of Days. He was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Drunk and contemplating suicide ex-cop turned private security company worker blames God for his family's death and is given the task with partner and friend, Bobby Chicago, to protect a banker from a priest trying to kill him. When Cane confronts the priest he warns him that The Devil is coming and is looking for a girl. Cane shoots the priest, who is taken in by the cops and one of the cops explains to Cane and Chicago that the priest has no tongue. Then Cane and Chicago learn more about the priest, which brings Cane to another priest, who says the priest he shot knew another world he couldn't understand because Cane lost his faith in God.

Later Cane finds the girl to be Christine York and he and Chicago go to her and save her from a cadre of Vatican knights, who attempt to kill her. Then Cane tries to get York away from The Devil, who is indeed looking for her and they are attacked by Mabel, York's guardian, and corrupt cops, who all work for The Devil. But they manage to escape them and go to the priest, who Cane talked to before, after giving them a sermon about The Devil and his plan, York agrees to stay with the priest. Then Cane is confronted and tempted by The Devil, who offers to give him his family back if he reveals York's location, Cane refuses and is attacked by The Devil, who gets thrown out by Cane, and then Cane talks to an alive and well Chicago and says where the girl is.

Cane saves her again from the Vatican knights, who try to kill her again, and The Devil comes to get York and kills The Vatican Knights and Cane and York escape only to get attacked by The Devil and his henchmen, who take York and beat Cane within an inch of his life. The next day the priest saves and cares for Cane and then that night Cane finds The Devil's hideout and goes there. He kills The Devil's goons and is confronted by Chicago, who almost kills him but redeems himself and then is destroyed by The Devil. Cane and York escape and The Devil is really hurt and has no choice but to look for another body and that body is Cane, who attempts to rape York in a church but thanks to God and his heroic personality, he defeats The Devil by impaling himself on a statue's sword.

After he sends The Devil back to Hell, he is reunited with his family, in the here on after.


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