Jesmon is a Mega form of Hackmon.

He is voiced by Shunsuke Takeuchi in Japanese Version and Aaron LaPlante in English Version.


Jesmon is a white-armored Digimon with a red cape that retains is color from its previous form, Hackmon. Its limbs are all blades, and the blue circles beneath his leg swords in his official art make it appear to be walking on water.

The DigiCode on its tail-sword reads "FORCED TERMINATION" (DC FDC ODC RDC CDC EDC DDC TDC EDC RDC MDC IDC NDC ADC TDC IDC ODC N), the DigiCode on his left arm sword reads "INITIALIZE" (DC IDC NDC IDC TDC IDC ADC LDC IDC ZDC E), the DigiCode on his right arm sword reads "OVERWRITE" (DC ODC VDC EDC RDC WDC RDC IDC TDC E), the DigiCode on his left leg sword reads "TRANSFER" (DC TDC RDC ADC NDC SDC FDC EDC R), and the DigiCode on his right leg sword reads "COMPRESSION" (DC CDC ODC MDC PDC RDC EDC SDC SDC IDC ODC N).

Digimon Adventure tri.


Hackmon wrap digivolve to Jesmon. When the DigiDestined arrive at the rebooted Digital World, Jesmon is fighting Alphamon.


Hackmon warp digivolves again to Jesmon in an attempt to destroy Meicoomon under Homeostasis's orders, but fails due to the interference of both the DigiDestined and Alphamon.


Hackmon warp digivolves to Jesmon to prevent Ordinemon from running away. He cuts off one of her wings, releasing Gatomon from inside her body.

Famous Battles

  • Jesmon vs Alphamon
  • Jesmon vs Ordinemon





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