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The battle was fierce, but the Order of the Stone emerged triumphant, saving the land and ensuring that peace and prosperity would reign forever.
~ Jesse reading out of the enchanted book in the Order of the Stone's temple.

Jesse is the main protagonist of the Minecraft: Story Mode series, appearing in both the 2015 videogame Minecraft: Story Mode and its 2017 sequel Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two. He/she is the playable character, and his/her gender and look is chosen by the player. Depending on the player's choices, Jesse can be portrayed as a generally kind, caring, and loyal friend, or as an egotistical, selfish, rude, and even greedy person who will do anything to get what he/she wants, like the Eversource.

The male version is voiced by Patton Oswalt (who also played Remy from Ratatouille), and the female version is voiced by Catherine Taber (who also played Padmé Amidala from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Lori Loud from The Loud House).


Jesse's personality depends entirely on the Player's choices. He/she can be a Pure Good at best or an Anti-Villain at worst.

At his/her best, Jesse is willing to do anything for his/her friends, and is extremely loyal and caring towards them, even /she chooses not to show it. He/she can be polite and attempt to get along with whoever he/she meets.

Jesse can also be generous, as shown when Axel gives the entire group cookies except for Lukas, Jesse can give him his/her cookie. Jesse can also choose to give The Eversource to the people of Sky City, as they need resources more than he/she does. He/she can also suggest that they and Cassie Rose, who was desperate to return home, share Jesse's Enchanted Flint and Steel.

Jesse can either be arrogant or humble at times. He/she can also empathize with others who mistreated him/her, such as when TorqueDawg, who, moments after meeting him/her started to insult him/her and his/her friends, is killed in a trap, he/she can empathize with him. This can also be shown when Cassie Rose, who was a serial killer with a very tragic backstory, was supposedly killed in her own trap, Jesse can say that, despite the fact that she had done some terrible things, no one deserves to be trapped away from home like she was.

Regardless of the player's choices however, Jesse does truly care for his/her friends, even if he/she chooses not to show it, as shown when he/she is visibly upset when Reuben dies, is shocked speechless if Aiden pushes Lukas off the edge of Sky City, is clearly horrified when his/her friends are presumably killed in the White Pumpkin's trap and when Lukas and Petra/Ivor are seemingly killed by Nell, Jesse is enraged and brutally attacks her, not knowing that they respawned.

Also regardless of the player's choices, both Olivia and Axel consider Jesse as their best friend. Olivia mentions in Episode 1 that Jesse takes Reuben with him/her everywhere he/she goes, suggesting a strong bond. In Season Two, regardless of player decisions, the residents of Beacontown seem to genuinely look up to Jesse and respect him/her.



NOTE: This section is for quotes that have been added into the game, and therefore cannot be determined by the player.

Out of my way, chickens!
~ Jesse to some chickens while trying to escape the Wither Storm.
All right, empty your pockets. Let's see what we have to work with.
~ Jesse to the group about how to escape the trap.

Player-determined (Heroic)

Have you seen Reuben? I was hoping he might've made it to town while I was distracted.
~ Jesse asks Axel about Reuben being told to run from the monsters.
Kinda busy, now man!
~ Jesse talking to Aiden while the latter's harassing him.
Let's go focus on finding that skull, not stealing. (Axel: Nobody ever lets me have any fun.) We let you hang out with us.
~ Jesse and Axel regarding stealing from Ivor.
Come on, Axel! Make yourself useful and go find that skull. (Axel: I am. (takes the potion) Uh, nope. You're literally doing the exact opposite of what I just asked you to do.
~ Jesse trying to stop Axel from taking the potion.
Of course I'll save them. Every last one of them! We're the good guys, right? That's what we do.
~ Jesse to Magnus/Ellegard before he/she dies.
Poor Cassie. I know she did some terrible stuff, but no one deserves to be trapped away from home like that.
~ Jesse sympathizing with Cassie Rose/the White Pumpkin.
I'm sorry, Petra. I thought I was, carried away. (Petra: I accept your apology.)
~ Jesse and Petra stop arguing about their decisions.
Jesse: Okay, we’ll come along quietly. (Petra: Why would you say that?!) Jesse: Just work with me here, okay, Petra? I have a plan. (Petra: FINE. We’ll go along with these freaks, For now.) (Goons: You’re cooperation is... Wise. (Later) You will follow us to PAMA.)
~ Jesse telling the people are cooperative.
You guys are such strong, amazing fighters; you can fight the Old Builders. Defeat them! (Clutch: No way; no way. I am very strong, but not strong enough for that.) (Facemeat: Yep. That is some straight crazy talk.)
~ Jesse trying to encourage the Gladiators to fight Hadrian and Mevia.
You're not staying here; that would be the coward's way out. Come on!
~ Jesse trying to rescue Romeo.


  • Biracial Jesse (both male and female) appear in Minecraft: Story Mode (Netflix version). The only difference is that female Jesse is wearing blue overalls and black shoes.
  • According to TorqueDawg, Jesse is a unisex name.



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