The story of Jesse from the Minecraft: Story Mode series.


It is determinantly revealed in Episode 4 that Jesse found Reuben near a waterfall as a wild pig, and tamed him. Early on in Episode 1, it should be obvious that he made Olivia and Axel his friends at some point in his life, and that they were rivals to Aiden's group, the Blaze Rods.

Minecraft: Story Mode

At first, Jesse lived in a treehouse with his/her pet pig, Reuben, and was preparing for the Endercon Building Competition with his/her friends Axel and Olivia. He/she is also close friends with Petra. After Ivor creates a Wither Storm, Jesse, his/her friends (minus Petra) and Lukas manage to escape and go on a quest to find the rest of the Order of the Stone and destroy the Wither Storm. After destroying the Wither Storm, Jesse, along with Petra, Lukas, and even Ivor, become the New Order of the Stone and after discovering an enchanted flint and steel, he/she, along with Petra, Lukas, and Ivor, travel through different portals to different worlds whilst trying to get back to their own world.

The Order of the Stone

Jesse is first seen practicing fighting mobs with his/her wooden sword, beating up his stand. Meanwhile, at the same time, Olivia asks him/her if he would rather fight a hundred chicken-sized zombies or ten zombie-sized chickens, and Jesse can choose either option. If he/she says, "Huh?" or doesn't say anything at all, Olivia will tell him/her that it's a dumb question, and tell him/her to forget it. In seconds later, they talk about his/her pet pig, Reuben, who pushes the stand closer to Jesse. He/she tells Olivia that Reuben is coming with them. However, Olivia also talks about being worried about being called a loser, and Jesse can either insult her, say nothing, or try to make her feel better.

However, Axel interrupts Jesse and Olivia's conversation by hissing, and then scares the both of them by quickly bursting out of the trapdoor, and saying, "Boom!" As a result, Reuben pushes him, and Jesse gets mad at him for being so rude, regardless of the choice that he/she makes. Later, as the three prepare for the Endercon Building Competition, Axel reveals that he made a costume for Reuben, which resembles an Ender Dragon, and puts it on him. Jesse can express his opinions on his costume, or say nothing. If he/she says Reuben's costume looks awesome, Axel will reveal it took 1,000,000 hours to build it. After that, Olivia and Axel climb down the ladder and tell Jesse that they will meet him/her outside the treehouse.

Before Jesse sees Axel and Olivia outside, he/she has the choice to get materials and/or talk to Reuben. Jesse and Reuben leave the treehouse and catch up with Axel and Olivia, who are waiting at the bottom. As they leave their treehouse behind for the Building Competition, Jesse, Axel, and Olivia talk about it and give out their opinions, with Reuben walking with them. They then decide to get more materials. Jesse also does exercises. After that, he/she, Axel, Reuben, and Olivia give a high-five and jump up into the air.

As they get closer to the Endercon Building Competition, Olivia gives positive reviews, but someone walks by and calls her, Jesse, and Axel, "losers". They finally make it, but they see the Ocelots, consisting of Lukas, Aiden, Maya, and Gill. Aiden calls Jesse's Gang, "the Order of the Losers", and Maya and Gill laugh at them, but Lukas tells them that they need to leave the area, and the Ocelots leave, but not without Aiden grinning at Jesse's Gang. Meanwhile, the Announcer asks Jesse's Gang what their team name is, and either Jesse or the Announcer decides. Nevertheless, the Announcer tells them to go to Booth 5, and they do so. Jesse has the option of looking around before catching up with the rest of the gang.

Meanwhile, Axel and Olivia see that the Ocelots are building a Rainbow Beacon, and worry that they will lose the builder competition. After that, Aiden, Maya, and Gill come to Jesse's Gang to make fun of them, and Aiden calls Reuben, "food". However, Lukas, their leader, follows them, and knowing that being rude to Jesse's Gang isn't fair and that they got work to do, tells them to stop teasing them, and that they need to prepare for the Endercon Building Competition. Right after that, Jesse sees Petra, and Lukas thanks her for giving him a Nether Star. Petra then says to Jesse's Gang and Lukas that for the right place, she'll help anyone. Then, Petra leaves, and Lukas and Jesse have a little conversation. Soon after, the Announcer announces the Endercon Building Competition, and that the winners will have their build featured at Endercon, and be able to meet Gabriel the Warrior in person. Jesse's Gang then sees that the Ocelots are doing a handshake, so their leader, Jesse, decides to make one up, and can decide on what the handshake will be called. If he/she doesn't choose the name of the handshake, Jesse will say that handshakes are for dweebs, anyway. Regardless of the choice that he/she makes, Olivia gets nervous again, but Jesse says that if they work together, everything will be fine. Then, the Announcer announces that the Endercon Building Competition is beginning immediately.

Jesse, Olivia, and Axel build a fireworks dispenser, and Aiden gets rude again. However, Jesse tells him to worry about his build. Then, he/she, Olivia, and Axel build either the statue of a Creeper, an Enderman, or a Zombie, and everybody looks at their build over everyone else's. After that, Aiden gets mad, stating that their Creeper/Enderman/Zombie is just a bunch of dyed wool, and decides to cheat on them by breaking a block from somebody else's build, which has lava (vandalism). Reuben's costume gets on fire as a result of the lava, and Aiden backs off. Jesse can either decide to tell his/her gang to help him/her find Reuben, or tell them to save the build as he/she tries to find Reuben alone.

As soon as Jesse runs off into the woods, he/she starts calling Reuben. However, if he/she made Olivia and Axel come with him, he/she will tell them to split up. While looking for Reuben, Jesse sees Reuben's Ender Dragon costume, with smoke trailing up from it. He/she either stepped on it to make the fire go out, or backed up. Eventually, Jesse is able to find Reuben, but they are both attacked by a horde of Hostile Mobs. He/she attempted to kill 3 Zombies, but more kept coming. While he/she and Reuben are cornered, Jesse can either tell him to stay with him/her so he/she can protect him, or tell him to run away so he won't be hurt by any more Hostile Mobs. However, a Spider lands on him/her, but Petra shows up again and kills it. Jesse, Petra, and determinantly Reuben run away together from the horde of Hostile Mobs.

Jesse Minecraft

Caucasian Male Jesse after crafting a sword with Petra's help.

In a cave, Petra reveals to Jesse that she wanted to show him/her something. She took out a Wither Skeleton skull out of her pocket to Jesse (meaning that she killed a Wither Skeleton), and revealed that he/she was the first person she showed it to. She then also revealed that she is meeting up with a guy at EnderCon (which later turns out to be Ivor), and says that he's going to trade her a diamond for the skull. Jesse gives out positive reviews about Petra's journey in the Nether. Petra then suggests to Jesse that he/she can come with her, and then showed a Crafting Table to him/her. Petra then taught Jesse on how to make his/her own sword, and Jesse was able to do it.

Jesse, Petra, and determinantly Reuben then walk out of the cave through a tunnel and onto a bridge, and see that Endercon's all lit up. They also either see that either the Ocelots or Jesse's Gang won the Endercon Building Competition. Petra then suggests that Jesse gets along with Lukas. They then talk about each other as a team. However, more Hostile Mobs appear, and Jesse and Petra try to make a decision. Jesse can decide on fighting the mobs or jumping off the bridge into the river below. If Jesse doesn't decide, Petra decides that they jump. Even if Jesse chooses to fight the Hostile Mobs, he/she and Petra find out that there's too many. Jesse, Petra, and determinantly Reuben then jump off the bridge into the river. Along the way, Petra hits a bat that is in her way. They land into the water, and swim to shore.

Jesse, Petra, and determinantly Reuben, finally reach the entrance to Endercon together. If Jesse told Reuben to run off, then he would be separated from him/her and Petra, and Jesse would ask Petra to let him/her know if he/she seen Reuben anywhere. Then, Jesse and Petra talk about the deal, and Petra asks him/her to let her do the talking. They then see Axel and Olivia, and Jesse talks about seeing Petra while looking for Reuben. If he/she had protected him, Reuben will be with Jesse and Petra, and Olivia will ask him/her what happened to Reuben's eye. Jesse would then reveal that a Zombie whacked him. If he/she told Reuben to run, Olivia gives him/her some hope, that he will show up sooner or later. Jesse would then reveal that he/she and Reuben were attacked by a Zombie hoard, and that he/she told him to run because it was for his own good. Axel and Olivia then either reveal that they won the Endercon Building Competition, or they lost it. Petra reminds Jesse about the deal, and Axel and Olivia tell Jesse are going into Endercon anyway, and that they'll see him/her when he/she gets there. They then leave, and Petra tells Jesse to hurry.

Jesse and Petra (and determinantly Reuben) then walk into an alley, and Petra thinks that maybe the guy she will make the trade with (Ivor) is late. Petra then tells him/her to stay there while she looks around, and then gives Jesse the advice that if he shows up while she's gone, then he/she should stall for her. Then, she leaves, and Jesse walks over to a chest. Then, Jesse meets Ivor, who surprises him/her. Ivor asks Jesse who he/she is, and then asks him/her why he shouldn't just leave. Then, Ivor asks Jesse if he/she has the skull he wants. Jesse then has the option to tell Ivor that Petra has the skull, and Ivor and Jesse would wait for her. If Jesse chooses otherwise (lying, telling him to calm down, or saying nothing), Ivor would tell him/her hat he's not wasting any more time with him/her, and would be about to leave. Then, Petra shows up, and gives him the skull. Ivor says that she earned the diamond for giving him the skull. However, she got lapis lauzil instead, and it turns out that Ivor's deal was a scam all along, and because of this, Jesse and Petra decide to go after him.

However, they run out of the alley, and Ivor is nowhere to be seen. Petra decides that she and Jesse have to find Ivor again. Jesse runs to an area at Endercon, and has the task of finding Ivor. He/she also has the option to look around, and can also talk to Lukas and even Axel along the way. Then, Jesse finds someone he/she thinks is Ivor (but it's actually someone else, a woman named Ivy who owns the Slime Booth at Endercon). Jesse walks to the person, but Aiden shows up and blocks his/her way, making fun of his/her gang by calling them, "Team Trashbag", and taunts him/her even more. Because of Aiden's annoyance, Jesse angrily pushes him out of the way. Jesse then reaches the person, but realizes it's not Ivor when the person turns around. The person, whose name is Ivy, angrily tells Jesse to get away from her. Then, Jesse hears a squeal from Reuben, who was recently captured by Otis the Butcher, and walks over to him. Otis either reveals that he found Reuben alone on the streets, or in the woods, depending on Jesse's choice earlier in the game. He later offers a trade with Jesse, but Reuben is able to escape, regardless of Jesse's choice. Then, they walk to Olivia.

Jesse reveals what has happened with him/her and Petra, that they saw Ivor, who cheated both of them on a deal, and now they're trying to track him down, and asks her if she's in. As it turns out, Olivia agrees with Jesse. Petra runs to Jesse and Olivia, and asks Jesse if he/she saw Ivor. Jesse then reveals that he/she thought he/she saw him, but it was just a false alarm (Ivy). Right then and there, Jesse is able to spot Ivor, who wickedly grins at him/her, thinking that he's heading towards the Hall. Jesse then sees the Usher, whose name is also Reuben (but this is not found out until Episode 8), and he/she, his/her gang, and Petra rush up to him. Petra asks him what it would take to get inside the Hall. The usher (the other Reuben) answers that they need tickets. Jesse then sees the Usher being afraid because a chicken jumped in front of him.

Knowing that they don't have any tickets, Jesse and the others rush back, and the group makes a plan to break the Chicken Guy's chicken machine to distract the Usher to get inside, since Jesse knows that the Usher is afraid of chickens because of what he/she saw earlier. Olivia then points out that they need to break the pane of glass to create the distraction. Petra then suggests that the group needs to find something they can do about the situation. Jesse then figures out he/she needs a slime block to break the glass panes, because they are so high up. He/she then finds Ivy again, and asks her to give him/her a slime block. However, Ivy reveals that she only gives out slime balls, and that she has a limited supply, so she is only giving out 2 per customer. However, she reveals that he/she can create a slime block with 9 slime balls. Soon, Axel, Olivia, and Petra arrive at the scene, and they got 8 slime balls, but Jesse point out that they need 1 more to create a slime block.

Jesse then finds Lukas, and tells him that he/she needs a slime ball. Lukas agrees to give Jesse the slime ball, and he/she decides to craft a slime block to create a distraction for the Usher (the other Reuben) so he/she and the group an get inside the Hall. He/she succeeds in doing so, but decides not to take it because he/she thinks it's gross, so Olivia takes it, and places it in the right spot. With the help of Axel, Jesse is able to climb on one of the builds in Endercon. From there, he/she lands on the slime block, and punches the glass panes. Chickens come flying out, and start pecking at the Usher Reuben. Jesse and the rest of the group are able to reach the Hall, but Usher Reuben tries to stop them; however, he is attacked by another (or one of the same) chicken.

Once they're in the Hall, Jesse notices that Ivor opened a door that leads to his hideout. Lukas asks Jesse what to do once they get inside. Jesse can tell Lukas that they politely ask for what's theirs, they do whatever they have to, or they get a little payback. The group then enters the lair, and peek inside. They don't see Ivor anywhere, so Petra says that Ivor must have gone out another way. Axel suggests that the group steals from Ivor. Petra disagrees, but Jesse can choose to agree with Axel, or disagree, either by telling him that he should focus on finding the skull, or that Ivor can come back any minute, and that there's no time for looting. He/she then says that the faster they can find what they're looking for, the faster they can get outta there. The group then splits up. Jesse then sees Petra, who find a golden sword in a chest. If Jesse gave his/her stone sword to Otis earlier, Petra will give him/her the golden sword. Jesse then shows Axel a fancy potion on a table. Axel then hells him/her about how he wants the potion. Jesse can choose to say that the potion is his/hers to keep, that Axel can have the potion, tell him to find the skull, or say nothing at all. Jesse then sees lever, and uses it.

When the door opens, Jesse notices soul sand around a strange block. He/she then opens the chest below it, and finds 3 Wither skulls. Lukas then says the recipe for a Wither, which is one of the worst monsters there is. Petra suggests that the group should just grab the skull, and leave. However, Ivor shows up, and everyone hides from him. However, Olivia accidentally knocked a potion off the counter, and Ivor finds her. As he is about to grab her, Jesse can warn Olivia, yell at Ivor, call him a jerk, or say nothing. If he/she says nothing, Ivor succeeds at gabbing Olivia by the shirt. Regardless of Jesse's choice, Petra will tell Ivor to leave either Jesse or Olivia alone. Later, Ivor spawns an Iron Golem with 3 Iron blocks, and 1 pumpkin head. Everyone in the group but Lukas is able to leave, while Ivor stays behind.

Once the group comes inside the Hall, two people named Owen and Lydia announce to the audience that Gabriel the Warrior will be on the stage. The group discovers that Lukas is not with them, and that he is still in Ivor's lair. Petra points out that Ivor has an Iron Golem and the ingredients to make a Wither. Olivia suggests that the group asks for help from Gabriel. Jesse can choose to get Lukas by himself and have the rest of the group alert Gabriel, or they can all go together. If Jesse chose to save Lukas, he/she and Reuben will enter the lair, and see the Iron Golem and try to hide. Lukas sees Jesse, but the Iron Golem is in front of Jesse, and tries to whack him/her. As the Golem confronts Jesse, Lukas alerts it, and it goes looking around. Jesse asks Lukas if he's okay, and they have a brief conversation. Then, Jesse grabs a potion bottle, and throws it. This distracts the Iron Golem, and Jesse, Lukas, and Reuben are able to leave. As they escape, Lukas thanks Jesse for saving him. If Jesse chooses to alert Gabriel, he/she goes through the crowd with the rest of the group to get to Gabriel, and hears Aiden asking what Ellegard's favorite food is, and Gabriel answers that it's bread. Jesse then goes to the front row, and waves his/her hand, and Gabriel calls him/her, and asks him/her what his/her question is.

However, regardless of Jesse's choice (rescuing Lukas or alerting Gabriel), Ivor shows up, raising his hand, and rudely tells Gabriel that he has a question, so Gabriel tells him to wait his turn. Ivor asks Gabriel if he truly believes that anyone can be great. Gabriel answers that they can with enough hard work. Ivor then get mad, angrily asking Gabriel if he simply didn't work hard enough. At that moment, Gabriel immediately recognizes Ivor, the person who quit being a member of the Order of the Stone, and now wants revenge on them for lying about the Ender Dragon story (but this is not found out until Episode 4). Ivor then tells Gabriel to tell the truth about the story. Gabriel the Warrior then says that time made him bitter, but Ivor responds that it made Gabriel an even bigger fool. Ivor then pulls up the Wither build, putting Petra's Wither skull in the middle, and a Wither is spawned. However, this is unlike any other Wither; it's an even more advanced species of Wither, known as the Wither Storm.

The Wither Storm attacks Gabriel and Ivor, but Ivor tells it to attack the surrounding people, and it does. Then, the Wither Storm starts to destroy the Hall itself. Gabriel starts to attack the beast, but his diamond sword is useless. Jesse then tries to save Gabriel from the Storm, and they both duck. As the Wither Storm destroys even more of the Hall, Ivor mocks Gabriel, saying that the great Warrior may not defeat the creature, but he (Ivor) can. To test the theory, Ivor tells the Wither Storm to retreat multiple times; it doesn't work. Ivor then pulls out his special elixir that can destroy the Wither Storm. He throws the potion at the creature, but it doesn't work because either Axel or Jesse stole the real elixir, depending on his/her choice earlier. Olivia then tells either Axel or Jesse to throw the real potion. If Axel stole the potion, he will give it to Jesse. Jesse throws it at the Command Block in the middle of the Wither Storm's body, but that doesn't work either, as the Command Block is covered up quickly. Ivor then runs away, and Gabriel the Warrior calls him a coward. However, Gabriel is pulled up by the tractor beam from the Wither Storm's first mutated head, but Olivia and Jesse are able to rescue him. Gabriel then tells them that Ivor was right that he (Gabriel) can't defeat the Wither Storm, at least not on his own. He then tells Jesse that everyone is running away, except for him/her, and asks him/her to help him. Jesse's Gang then follows Gabriel out of the Hall, which is being demolished by the Wither Storm's power.

Meanwhile, Aiden and other people run out of the Hall, and Jesse tells some chickens to get out of his/her way when he/she is trying to escape. The entire roof of the Hall is destroyed, and the Wither Storm flies out, now with gigantic body, and 3 mutated heads. It menacingly stares at Reuben, who runs off. It sucks several people into one of its tractor beams, right into its mouth. Jesse is caught by one of the tractor beams, but is able to escape, and sees the amount of people being sucked in by the Wither Storm's tractor beams. Jesse then sees Lukas. If he/she chose to get him alone, Lukas will thank Jesse for saving him. If Jesse chose to alert Gabriel, Lukas will tell Jesse that he/she abandoned him, but Jesse quickly explains that he/she was trying to warn Gabriel and get him to help. Petra calls the both of them, and they both run into a build where the rest of the group is hiding, but the build is destroyed by one of the Wither Storm's tractor beams. They run, and Jesse tells them to stick together, but he/she then sees Petra being sucked in by a tractor beam. Jesse tries to save her by grabbing her hand, and holding onto a part of a fence, but the fence is starting to be sucked in, too. Gabriel the Warrior is strong enough to save the both of them from the tractor beam. Gabriel then runs to his fortress, telling everyone in the group that they'll be better protected there. The group decides to follow Gabriel, and Jesse sees the Wither Storm destroying Endercon. He/she faces obstacles on his way out, but he/she is able to escape.

Gabriel the Warrior continues to tell others to get to his temple, and Jesse has to face even more obstacles, including fire and tractor beams. Gabriel tells the people to split up, and that they'll meet on the other side. Gabriel sees Jesse, and points him to go with the other group. He/she can choose which group to go with. The two groups come to each other, but Jesse now had to face the Wither Storm's tentacles. He/she is able to escape and enter Gabriel's fortress. Once inside, Gabriel tells the group with Jesse that the inner chamber is entirely built of obsidian, and that they should be safe in there. Gabriel opens the door, but one of the Wither Storm's tractor beams comes down. However, everyone escapes, and Gabriel, while fighting one of the Wither Storm's tentacles, says that if they can get through the portal, they'll be safe. Olivia realizes that the portal is not lit, and therefore, they can't escape. Jesse lights up the portal, and Petra tells everyone to enter it. However, Jesse sees Gabriel being attacked by the Wither Storm, and saves him. Then, Gabriel tells Jesse to find the other members of the Order, but that Soren was missing for years, and gives him the Amulet of the Order of the Stone. Petra attacks the Wither Storm, and tells both Jesse and Gabriel to get through the portal, and meet up with the others. However, Gabriel is being sucked up by one of the tractor beams. Petra tries to save him, but she gets sucked up in another one. Jesse tells Lukas to go through the portal so that he will be safe. Then, Jesse has to decide on either saving Gabriel or Petra. If he/she saves Gabriel, he/she will try to save Petra. If he/she saves Petra, he/she will try to save Gabriel. However, either way, one of the Wither Storm's tentacles knocks him/her into the Nether Portal, thus keeping him/her from saving the latter.

After escaping into the Nether, the group discusses what happened to Petra. Jesse then sees that a person is coming out, hoping that it's Petra. Instead, Ivor exits the portal, but the Wither Storm destroys it, apparently able to destroy Gabriel's fortress as well since it can destroy obsidian (and Gabriel's fortress was built out of obsidian). Ivor says negative comments about the group, and Jesse has the option to punch him. If he/she does so, Ivor will say it's "more needless violence", and that it solves nothing; he would tell Jesse to learn the lesson now or he/she will share Gabriel's fate. Ivor then says that Petra has "crossed it", saying that she's stupid. Next, Ivor reveals that there are minecart networks in the Nether built by the Order, and that it's the only way out. Finally, Ivor drinks from a potion of invisibility, and disappears. Then, Jesse and his/her friends see a Ghast, and run from it. A Zombie Pigmen briefly appears during the chase. Jesse and the group get in the minecarts to escape from the Ghast.

Jesse and his/her friends ride off into another area in the Nether. There, they see a giant drop coming before them. He/she can tell them to hold on tight, put their hands in the air, or cover their eyes. Eventually, the minecarts are separated, and Jesse calls for his/her friends. Then, he/she sees Reuben being attacked by a Skeleton, but successfully kills it by knocking it into the lava with his/her sword. Reuben then jumps into the minecart behind Jesse's minecart, but both are attacked by a group of 3 Ghasts, which Jesse is also able to kill. Unfortunately, Jesse and Reuben see another Ghast above the end of the railroad, which spews a fireball that destroys Reuben's minecart, but Reuben survives and hops into Jesse's minecart. Their minecart flies off the railroad, but lands on the rail where his/her friends have come back to on their minecarts.

They reach another place in the Nether, which has tons of railroad tracks; at one point, Olivia says that they can get anywhere in the world from there. This place also has a Nether portal that leads to the Overworld where Jesse and his/her friends live; this proves that Ivor has been telling the truth earlier in the Nether. Lukas says that the Wither Storm is also there. Jesse goes first into the portal, then Axel, and the rest of his/her friends, one by one, depending on his/her choice. He/she can also choose to let Axel go first.

However, Jesse/Axel didn't expect a Zombie waiting for him in the pond outside. Either Jesse or Axel is attacked by the zombie, but it is killed by Jesse, either defending himself or saving Axel. Jesse's friends decide to build a shelter. Olivia says it should be a treehouse, but Axel says it should be a hut. The two argue with each other, and Jesse can choose to agree with either Olivia or Axel. If he/she says nothing, he/she and his/her friends will build a hut. Once it's done, the group enters the shelter before any Hostile Mobs can get to them, whether it be a treehouse or a hut.

Once inside the shelter, the group lights up a fire. Axel reveals that he has cookies for everyone inside, except for Lukas. Jesse can give his/her cookie or keep it. If he does nothing, Reuben will give his own cookie to Lukas. They then all eat. Afterwards, Lukas starts to come up with a plan, but Axel interrupts him. Then, Axel insults him, saying that he's wearing a stupid jacket. Lukas angrily tells him to take that back (similar to what Littlefoot said to Cera), but Axel refuses to. Then, Lukas says that he gets to wear his jacket because he knows how to build, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't know how to break things. Axel blames Lukas for giving out threats, and Lukas calls Jesse for help. Jesse can tell Lukas and Axel to calm down, stand on either Lukas or Axel's side, or completely ignore Lukas. Then, Axel blames Lukas for Petra's possible death, and Olivia tells Axel that he's taking it too far. Next, Lukas decides to leave the shelter. Jesse can choose to let him leave, or prevent him from leaving. After that, a thunderstorm occurs. If Jesse let Lukas leave, Olivia angrily asks Jesse if he/she's feeling good about himself/herself; Jesse says that he'll be fine. If Jesse prevented Lukas from leaving, Lukas thanks Jesse for keeping him inside; Jesse agrees with him.

If Jesse chose to let Lukas leave the shelter, the latter will be watching Jesse's Gang leave the shelter. He tells them that he picked apples for them to eat. Lukas gives the apples to Olivia and Axel, and determinantly Jesse. Then, Lukas says that he got up in an early start. He later explains that he's resourceful, and that he's a good friend most of the time. Lukas says that he wasn't at his best, and it's like none of that matters, except that Petra still needs them. He then says that he let her down once, and that it won't happen again.

Then, Jesse and the rest of the group head out to find the Temple of the Order of the Stone, and Axel alerts the group when they find a building. If Jesse prevented Lukas from leaving the shelter, Lukas will be part of the group heading toward the Temple, and will alert the group when they find the same building. Jesse and the rest of the group climb up the vines to see the building more closely. They then head inside, and try to figure out what it is. Lukas says that it's the Temple of the Order of the Stone. Jesse confirms this by comparing the Amulet with a giant statue right before them. Olivia asks if the Order is in there; Axel suggests that they go in and find out. The rest of the group agrees with him, and enter the Temple.

Once inside the temple, Jesse tells the rest of the group to be careful. However, they hear a spider sound, and the group walks single-file behind Jesse. Unfortunately, Reuben runs on a dispenser plate, and accidentally triggers an arrow-dispenser trap. They are able to escape, but they see the other side of the trap. Lukas suggests they activate the dispenser plate, since he believes that if the pressure plate is triggered again, it can shut off the trap. Jesse then sees a crafting table, which he/she can use to make something useful. However, Olivia reveals that all the tools and materials are back at their treehouse. So, Jesse tells everyone to empty their pockets. Lukas had a few sticks from building the shelter the night before. Olivia has flint and a piece of string. Axel had a few feathers after the chicken machine exploded. Jesse himself/herself had flint and steel, a sword, and a string from a spider he fought earlier. Using those materials, he/she crafts either a bow and arrow or a fishing pole; he can also craft the arrow with the fishing pole. With the bow and arrow or the fishing pole, Jesse hits the pressure plate, and the trap shuts off. After that, they explore more of the Temple.

The group then reaches the Order's enchantment room. Jesse then reads an enchanted book; he/she has the option to talk to Lukas before doing so.

Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two

In the sequel to the 2015 videogame Minecraft: Story Mode, Jesse and his/her friends embark on a whole new adventure. He/she becomes the Mayor of Beacontown, and he/she and his friends meet new characters, such as Radar, Jack, and Nurm. They embark together on a journey to defeat Romeo, a human with extraordinary powers that is far worse than the Wither Storm(s), and wants Jesse to become his partner.

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