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Jesse Cosay is a major character in Infinity Train, as one of the main protagonists (alongside Lake) of Book Two - Cracked Reflection. He is the older brother of Nate Cosay, and Lake's best friend.

He is voiced by Robbie Daymond.


Jesse is of native descent with short dark brown hair.

He wears a blue and yellow letterman jacket that has a large yellow "A" on one side, and his name in cursive on the other side. He also wears a white shirt with a red collar, grey jeans and sneakers.


Jesse is a kind-hearted individual who claims to be friends with everyone in his school. He is shown to want to help others and resolve their problems, however he doesn't always succeed in doing so.

He did however hurt his little brother, but this was caused due to pressure by his former friends that were doing a "man test". He instantly feels guilt at the memory of hurting his brother, and apologizes to him as soon as he got off train and returned home.

He show to be protective of his friends, as he instantly turns on Grace and the Apex when he learns they were going to kill her.


  • Jesse lives in Arizona.
  • He appeared on the train after he hurt Nate.
  • He is the first native protagonist in the series.