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A big part of the job is looking for the worst in people. Turns out, I excel at that.
~ Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is the titular protagonist of the Netflix TV series Jessica Jones which is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

She is portrayed by Krysten Ritter.


Early life

She was born to Brian and Alisa Jones. She grew to be an antisocial young woman. She was orphaned when she was a teenager when she lost her parents and brother in a car accident, which Jessica herself was a soul surivivor. She was later adopted by Dorothy Walker who was a talent agent. She would soon discover she was abusive towards both her and her adopted sister, Trish Walker. Though she managed to protect her sister using her super strength to shove Dorothy against a wall.


Less desirable jobs

As an adult, she would get crappy jobs. One being an office job where she had to endure her boss's sexual harrassment until she discovered his fraudlant offenses. She blackmailed him into giving her six months pay and a reputable recommendation for future employment elsewhere. As she left, he insulted her dead parents. Understandly angry, Jessica shoved down filing cabinets as she left. She later got a job at a sandwich shop which she worked to advertise the place. It involved her wearing a ridiclous sandwich costume and handing out flyers for the restaurant. One night while she was in her sandwich costume, doing her job, she noticed a young girl about to get hit by a taxi. She ran towards the girl and stopped the taxi with her barehands. The girl thanked her and Jessica realized she needed to become a hero.

Becoming a hero and being Kilgrave's slave

Jessica would go out through the city and help those who can't help themselves until she ran into a man who called himself Kilgrave. She got under his mind controling powers as they spoke and he desired to have her so for months he kept her as a slave. Under his power, he would rape her constantly, though in Kilgrave's demented mind, it was a real relationship. After a time, Jessica could not endure this anymore and attempted to kill herself. Kilgrave stopped her and for punishment, he ordered her to slice off her ear. After she got started slicing off her ear, Kilgrave stopped her and hugged her.

Freedom, Starting a private investigation company, and killing Kilgrave

Kilgrave discovered this woman, Reva Connors, was a threat to her. He had Jessica murder her. The shock of killing someone was enough to break Kilgrave's control over Jessica. She would then shortly after open Alias Investigations and worked for herself as a private investigator. Kilgrave would return in her life, torturing her mentally by hurting and killing those who were in her life. However with the help of Luke Cage, another superpowered being like Jessica, and her friends, and her sister, Trish Walker, she would eventually kill Kilgrave.


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