She-Spawn (Jessica Priest)

Jessica Priest is a supporting character and former villain in the Spawn series.She is now the current She-Spawn


Jessica Priest first appeared in the Spawn movie as Jason Wynn's right hand woman.She was Jason Wynn's second Assiasin second only to Al.unlike Al she was far more cold-blooded and was more loyal to Wynn. After Al decides to retire Wynn has Jessica Kill him. After Five yeats al would returne as Spawn and seek vengeance On Wynn and Jessica for causing his death.Jesssica and Spawn fogutht but Spawn emergde victiorus and kills Jessica Priest.IN the comics Jessica has A similar Background expect she was far more copassionate than her movie counterpart even saving a friend in her story but was just as pyschotic as her movie counterpart as when she was five years old She would later grew up to be one of the top assassins in the world and served under Jason Wynn for a while and later fights spawn. After Wynn's defeat jessica went into hiding and decides to make a new Idenity and fell in love with a man named Danile Chin and would be his wife and a step mother.At some point she met Nyx and becomes allies with her trying to stop the supernatural from killing them.After Nyx's death her piece of symbiote became part of her and became the second she-spawn and goes on to meet al and help him in his quest against the force of heaven and hell.

Powers and Abllities

Jessica Priest was a highley skilled assassin with peak human strength,speed,and stamina, Jessica is highly arobatic and has high reflexs.She is also a master at weapons using guns and knifes.. As a hellspawn she has increased superhuman abilites

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