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Jesus Christ is the supporting character who has appeared in many episodes of South Park. Among his various appearances, Jesus has been seen hosting his own public access television call-in show, Jesus and Pals He is also the leader of the superhero group called, The Super Best Friends.


Jesus has long brown hair and a goatee. He usually wears a long white robe and has a halo above his head. Following his appearance in "Super Best Friends", he had a slight redesign, additions included a red sash and an updated robe. Prior to his redesign, Jesus's eyes were slightly further apart than the majority of South Park characters.

Powers and Abilities

In "Super Best Friends", Jesus initially didn't appear to have any special powers, simply tricking people with simple tricks, such as telling everyone to turn around, and then quickly replacing a jug of water with a jug of wine while their backs are turned. However, subsequently in the same episode, he used his "master carpentry skills" to create a giant mold for the John Wilkes Booth statue, exhibiting superhuman work speeds. In The Spirit of Christmas: Jesus vs. Santa, Jesus was also able to fire energy blasts from his hands.

His other power is that of resurrection; in "Fantastic Easter Special", he is killed multiple times and resurrects himself at will. This power is similar to Kenny's, but he is able to resurrect himself to any location he desires. Also in "Red Sleigh Down", Jesus was able to heal Santa's broken legs, suggesting he has the ability to fix broken bones.

In the 2014 video game South Park: The Stick of Truth, Jesus appears as a character summon. He aids the player by flying to your location and shooting enemies with an assault carbine. He can be summoned by using the Rosary.



Jesus is the son of God. God is shown to be quite distant to Jesus, because he usually has some plan to teach him. In "Are You There God? It's Me, Jesus", Jesus asks God to appear before the people of Earth for the new millennium, but God refuses. However, Jesus later realizes that this was because God wanted to teach him that he should never let pride get in the way of his good judgment, and that if God did everything for everyone, there would be no point in existence.


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