Megatron! Enough lives have been lost! You've got to stop this madness!
~ Jetfire in War for Cybertron.

Jetfire was a scientist whose strong morals led to him falling out with Starscream and joining up with the Autobots. He was a major character in High Moon Studio's "Cybertron" games, as well as the Transformers Aligned novel trilogy.

He is voiced by Troy Baker.


War for Cybertron

Jetfire was intially a neutral in the war, though he answered to Zeta Prime, and was part of the crew of an orbital station that studied Dark Energon. When Megatron attacked Starscream's station, Jetfire confronted him during a lull in the fighting, and tried to convince him Dark Energon was too dangerous for anyone to use. When Megatron rebuffed him, Jetifre warned he would destroy them all. When Megatron gained control of Dark Energon, Starscream betrayed Jetfire by offering the serve him. The shocked Jetfire fled to warn Zeta, offically joining the Autobots. 

During the Siege of Iacon, Jetfire and the Aerialbots were under heavy fire, left outnumbered and outgunned. When Optimus took command, Jetfire specifically requested that the planetary guns be reactivated, which Optimus and his team promptly achieved. However, Jetfire and the others were no match for Starscream, who fought him off to attack Optimus's team.

After Optimus became a Prime, he ordered the Autobots to begin leaving Cybertron, as the planet would be uninhabitable for millions of years. After Megatron began attacking transports with an orbital laser, which was in fact the reformatted version of Jetfire's old station, Prime sent Jetfire, Silverbolt and Air Raid to take it down, with Jetfire providing vital intel to the others, including weak points of machinery and barriers, as well as their main target of the plasma cooling system that prevented the orbital weapon from overloading. He made sure the Aerialbots stayed until the mechanism was destroyed.

Megatron gleefully mocked Jetfire for aligning with the Autobots, revealing "Trypticon" had backup systems, and ordered it to resume firing, and target Optimus Prime in particular. When Trypticon responded, Jetfire realised that the station was a Cybertronian, and the team realised that they should be able to destroy its transformation systems and force it back into its normal form. They found to their shock that this placed them inside Trypticon's mouth, and barely managed to escape before it closed its jaws on them. As Trypticon headed for the surface, the Aerialbots destroyed it's jet pack, causing it to crash on Cybertron's surface.

As Optimus, Bumblebee, and Ironhide battled the brute, which had survived the assault, the Aerialbots managed to find them and set about providing air support. However, Trypticon was much faster than they expected, and put all three out of the fight. After Trypticon's defeat, they were with Optimus Prime's group as they surveyed the Ark. 

DS version

Rise of the Dark Spark

hen Optimus Prime and Jazz infiltrated the Decepticon base Kolkular, Jetfire was stationed near Trypticon's crash site as backup . When Prime and Jazz were imprisoned while freeing Cliffjumper, Jetfire was contacted and informed by Perceptor that his mission, "Operation: Longshot" was a go. Jetfire's job was to infiltrate the wreckage of Trypticon and comandeer his weapons systems in order to fire upon Kolkular and free Prime and the others.

Upon entering Trypticon's wreckage, Jetfire happened upon his old comrade Starscream, who was planning to steal energon from the wreckage. Despite the fact that Jetfire wanted revenge on Starscream for his betrayal, Jetfire stuck to the shadows and kept searching for Trypticon's weapons systems. However, Starscream discovered Jetfire and deployed his soldiers to kill Jetfire. Despite the opposition, Jetfire successfully reached Trypticon's weapons systems and rerouted the energon Starscream had been stealing to the systems, using them to fire upon Kolkular and free his allies. He then evacuated Trypticon as Starscream cursed him and swore revenge. 

Fall of Cybertron

In the Autobots final days on Cybertron, Jetfire was stationed at the launch site of the Ark. When Megatron launched a brutal assault on the Ark, Jetfire was dismayed to learn that the attack came from Grimlock's abandoned post, and joined the main battle.

When the Ark launched a few days later, Jetfire led the Aerialbots in battling the Nemesis. Jetfire was able to destroy several tow cables that the Decepticons were boarding the Ark with, and subsequently helped treat some of the wounded. When Jazz went up against the combiner Bruticus, Jetfire assisted him by leaving EMP grenades for him to lure Bruticus into, stunning the combiner. Jetfire and the Aerialbots then were able to defeat Bruticus with Jazz's help, throwing him off the Ark. 

Note:'Exodus tells it's own account of Jetfire's backstory, and of the Autobots evacuation from Cybertron, which  conflict with the Cybertron games.  Jetfire was the first Seeker to defect from the Decepticons. He spent most of his time in a laboratory trying to further exploit the Autobots' flight capabilities – a scientific dead end, but one Optimus Prime placed great hope in. Jetfire accompanied Optimus with Bumblebee as back-up during the rescue of Sentinel Prime from Kaon. They then moved to rid the Dark Energon from the core of Cybertron. While descending, Jetfire was tempted to try some Dark Energon, but Optimus told him if he did, Prime would have to kill him. Once at the core, Optimus removed the Chamber and was given the Matrix of Leadership, as well as orders to evacuate the planet as it began repairing itself. Optimus launched Project Generation One, which Jazz dubbed the Ark. Jetfire found the notion suicidal, but agreed to help and gave the Autobots time to complete the Ark by creating a diversion. Aerialbots under his guidance gathered every space-worthy ship in the ruins of theme park Six Lasers Over Cybertron, while Jetfire picked the Eight Track for himself to captain. After drawing out Trypticon, Jetfire evaded the Station's detection system by flying in and out of the Asteroid Belt. He slowly but surely bolted the Eight Track with an ingress tube on to an unguarded part of the Station, allowing the Autobots to enter and blow up the Dark Energon Facility. Jetfire managed to detach the ship in time before Trypticon crashed in the Mithric Sea. However, Trypticon survived and transformed, and Jetfire refused a place on the Ark to distract the monster along with fellow flier Springer. After the Ark left, Trypticon became Decepticon flapship the Nemesis, and flew after it, leaving Jetfire, the Wreckers, Omega Supreme and Alpha Trion to deal with Shockwave's forces.


After the Ark and Nemesis left Cybertron, Jetfire remained behind,  serving alongside Ultra Magnus and the Wreckers as a long-range scout and recon expert during their guerilla tactics against Shockwave. After Shockwave arrested Alpha Trion, Jetfire was part of a rescue operation. They would infiltrate Iacon, access Shockwave's Tower, and retrieve Alpha Trion, with Omega Supreme acting as a distraction. 

Inside Iacon, Jetfire and the Wreckers came to Maccadam's Old Oil House, who was a secret ally of the Autobot resistance. Maccadam occasionally served the Decepticon overlords, and one of his patrons was an engineer who provided information on the Tower's mag-lev elevator, allowing the Wreckers to access it underground. The Wreckers were nearly accosted by Ratbat and the Decepticon city garrison, but Magnus radioed Omega Supreme who began bombardung the city, drawing away the Decepticons.

The Wreckers infiltrated Shockwave's secret lair and recovered Alpha Trion, but came across a worse scenario. Shockwave's attempt to access Vector Sigma using Alpha Trion's systems led to the Quintessons tapping into the circuitry to reactivate the dormant Space bridge, beginning a Sharkticon invasion of Cybertron. The Wreckers raced to the Archives, where Alpha Trion intended to detonate the remaining articles of Cybertronian history that the Quintessons could claim. They were interrupted by General Tyrannicon of the Sharkticons, who jammed Alpha Trion's detonator. Fortunately, light-years away, the Quintesson's control over their slaves was ended,  and Tyrannicon's troopers turned on him and each other, causing the invasion to collapse in a matter of minutes


Traitor! Zeta Prime will hear of this!
I wear the Autobot badge with pride!



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