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Jia Baoyu

Jia Baoyu, also known as Pao Yu, is one of the main protagonists in the 18th-century Chinese classic novel Dream of the Red Chamber by the late Cao Xueqin, and its multiple adaptations. He is the son of Jia Zheng and Lady Wang and Lin Daiyu's love interest.

He is portrayed by Ouyang Fenqiang.


Jia Baoyu was born with a magical jade in his mouth. His name, literally meaning "precious jade", was given to him in honor of this. Jade and Baoyu shared a mysterious connection. The jade version was terminated after the jade was lost, and Baoyu himself disappeared. Lin Daiyu was a fairy flower. Later she was transformed into a jade, and she repaid her "tears" to Jia Baoyu. Jia Baoyu watered the flowers and gave them life.

Baoyu was described as having no interest in learning Confucian classics, largely because of the despair of his father Jia Zheng. He would rather spend time reading or writing poetry, or playing with his many female relationships. Still, he is still compassionate and thoughtful (perhaps juxtaposition of other male characters in the novel).

The love situation between Baoyu and Lin Daiyu became one of the main plot lines of the novel. However, several women play an important role in his life. In particular, he is the darling of his grandmother, who loves him and occasionally isolates him from his father. His wife Xue Baochai and his main maids are also worth noting. The crater Pao-yu on the asteroid 433 Eros is named after him.

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