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As this has all been arranged for, I had better go out, and when his line is formed then you can come forth.
~ Jiang Wei.
Now you see just how prodigious my talent truly is!
~ Jiang Wei's victory quote.
We all talked long into the night about military matters. It was productive, but it also brought my own shortcomings to light. I hope to obtain a broader perspective, just like the Chancellor, given more time.
~ Jiang Wei's famous line.

Jiang Wei (姜維), style or byname name: Boyue (伯約), is essentially the main protagonist in the later parts of the 14th-century Chinese classic novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong, and its multiple adaptations. He is a military general of Shu Kingdom.


During Zhuge Liang's Northern Expedition, Jiang Wei serving as Wei commander under minister Ma Zun. Jiang Wei participated in various campaigns as a clever strategist, he initially confronted Shu with his defenders in Tianshui. Zhao Yun, a man who is one of the generals of Liu Bei was annoyed as so well when he thought about it then straightway antagonize with Jiang Wei and Zhuge Liang punished him by presenting the evidence. With their success, Jiang Wei really surrendered at any time after being defeated by the Shu forces. Thanks to his outstanding knowledge, his own memory was beneficial as he just like Zhuge Liang in favor of subtle.

Before the battle of Jieting, Zhuge Liang have wants to punish Ma Su, Jiang Wei had to banish his enemy to attack Wei with the soldiers, he found that Ma Su must have been maimed by Zhang He. Appropriate to hurry across the mountain to deliver him, Jiang Wei is quite to trounce Zhang He by the way. The two ran as soon as the enemy was running after tries to killed them. Zhuge Liang knew that Ma Su had committed the missed crime, Jiang Wei confessed that he should bargain with him as a last resorts. Zhao Yun died of illness shortly after the battle, Jiang Wei immediately notified Zhuge Liang to report Zhao Yun's death. Zhuge Liang spent very sadly so in order to prepare to commemorate Zhao Yun, Jiang Wei believes that Zhuge Liang's confession will soon go to war.

At the Battle of Wuzhang Plains, Zhuge Liang would have been ill but in order to make Jiang Wei resist Sima Yi, Jiang Wei had to meeting Xin Pi first and lead his army to eliminate Wei forces. Jiang Wei believed that Sima Yi is a man who undertake to do his treachery by faced Shu, which Zhuge Liang is more than smarting as him. By way in this time, he might have noticed that partly protection of regions by Shu that avoid Wei's madden. It's just that how serious the fierce battle is, Jiang Wei would hails under his prevision into which placing possibly attacking to Wei, in there acted with Shu. Unable to endures Sima Yi's anger, Jiang Wei is about to send his messengers to concentrate on handing a letter to Zhuge Liang while then confronting Sima Yi by later.

He disagrees to destruction on his country and people, which hated that Sima Yi anymore. The scheming Sima Yi is still alive after being deceived by Zhuge Liang, Jiang Wei was furious to defeated Sima Yi as using affectionate means to deal with him in a self-sufficient manner and later opposed Wei Yan. After Zhuge Liang's death, Jiang Wei is time to began while emerge in Shu. When Fei Yi died, Jiang Wei has began to dominate the military power and continued to lead the Northern Han Dynasty army to Wei forces, alongside with Wei generals Deng Ai, Chen Tai, and Guo Huai repeatedly, Jiang Wei's Northern Expedition in twice; small wins three times; four times apart; one by one defeat.

But later on, The Minister of the Central Committee also opposed Jiang Wei's Northern Expedition, and the eunuch Huang Hao was fully empowered, Jiang Wei could not kill him. He had to avoid the disaster in the middle of the field. After Sima Yi's son, Sima Zhao across Shu, Jiang Wei is defending the sword which then helps guarding the Wei armies. Feebles tragically in his being defeats, Jiang Wei tries to retreats with Shu forces for eventually carry into spanned. As long wanting about that is Jia Chong, Wei officer who would cased powers by Sima Zhao which helping destroyed Shu kingdom in away. However, Deng Ai is attacked Chengdu from Yinping and Liu Shan was surrendered.

After Shu had been declared to be annihilated it, Jiang Wei was unable to moving that refers as since he makes founding everyone else into given help of him to build his new hometown addition instead so because Liu Shan immediate with then asking for followed his devoted wife to reaching Luoyang (despite Wei were gaining the mastery into uprising powers). Jiang Wei hopes to revitalize Shu Han with his own strength, he will surrender to Wei general Zhong Hui, that was intended to used Zhong Hui to rebel against Cao Wei to realize the desire to restore the Han Dynasty. But in the end, Zhong Hui will rebel and defeat, Jiang Wei alongside Zhong Hui was killed by the Wei armies.


Though competent in the wars of China, Jiang Wei is frequently worn to be an eminent perfectionist who extremely loyal to Zhuge Liang. As started in a rogue who treats as one of the officers of Wei, Jiang Wei is seminal for grandiose with Shu forces because Zhuge Liang showed wants to be a major head of forces in northern campaigns.

Might was defeated by Shu, Jiang Wei only have as offer condolences to be sympathize with Zhuge Liang and others, well formidable in torment by few one. Normally in on, Jiang Wei has making a faults by a interim was he and Zhuge Liang are never being a egotistic nitwit as their enemy, the wicked regent Sima Yi, however, thus cleaning his sins by surface.

Lionizing Zhuge Liang as "Prime Minister" or "Chancellor", as well as he hopes to someday make his mentor proud.


  • Jiang Wei is a playable character in the Dynasty Warriors series.


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