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Jiang Ziya is a minor protagonist in Dragalia Lost. She is a Qilin sealer who has opted to use Qilin relics to help people rather than seal them away.

She is based off of the Chinese noble by the same name. Even though she isn't based off of any character from Journey to the West, she becomes heavily connected with characters that are due to having the same connections as them within the game.


Being a Qilin, Jiang Ziya has a pair of horns on her head which have an icicle like appearance. She wears a parka and a straw hat, and she carries a fishing rod.

She has the appearance of a child, but her dialogue in her adventurer story indicates she is a lot older than she looks due to the use of a Qilin relic.


A former Qilin sealer, she now travels the world sharing the convenience of relics with everyone she meets. Her curiosity can make her a bit impulsive, and she has a tendency to get carried away.


Jiang Ziya Adventurer Story

While helping a town using a Qilin relic to grant them water, Jiang Ziya meets Euden who finds out about how differently she acts from other Qilin by the fact she uses relics rather than sealing them away.

Appreciating what Jiang Ziya does, Euden invites her to the Halidom, which Jiang Ziya is happy to accept. Upon arrival, Cleo directs her to a wall of the castle that is falling apart to see if she can do anything about it. In response, Jiang Ziya whips out the Cloth of Reversal to revert the crumbling wall back to functional, but instead turns the bricks to clay by accident.

She soon runs into Kleimann who convinces her to help him get a scale from Midgardsormr using the Ring of Disregard to cloak him. However, when Kleimann gets close, he is spotted and blown away, prompting him to ask Jiang Ziya into breaking a rule against modifying relics in order to improve it. Although hesitant at first, Jiang Ziya agrees and the end result is the ring now causing everybody to hate the person wearing it rather than them not even noticing them causing both Midgardsormr and Jiang Ziya herself to become agitated with Kleimann due to the relic's effects.

Eventually, her actions are discovered by Xuan Zang, who arrives to apprehend the fellow Qilin over her use of the relics after Jiang Ziya almost floods a village with bread with Replicator Dew and failed to stop the effects. In order to save everybody, Xuan Zang uses the Hong Hulu to suck up all the bread and then tells Jiang Ziya how she plans on monitoring her in order to see her intentions.

When the two of them go to deal with a problem together, they find a Qilin relic at the top of a mountain. Xuan Zang prepares to remove it, but Jiang Ziya stops her when she realizes that the relic is the only thing keeping the volcano from erupting.

Coming up with the idea to swap the relic with a different one, Jiang Ziya uses her past experience with Kleimann to modify and combine the Cloth of Reversal and Replicator Dew to create a relic she calls the Reductor Dew. Impressed by her actions but feeling the other Qilin wouldn't understand, Xuan Zang allows Jiang Ziya to continue using relics to help others but only while under her supervision.


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