♪I'm a cat and I like it like that♪
~ Jibanyan Singing

Jibanyan is one of the main protagonists of the 2013 video game series Yo-kai Watch. He is also popularly known as one of the mascots of the franchise, as well being the mascot of Yo-kai Watch, Yo-kai Watch 2, and Yo-kai Watch Busters: Red Cat Team. Jibanyan is the Youkai deuteragonist in the series' anime adaptation.

He is voiced by Etsuko Kozakura from original, Takaya Kuroda from Shadowside in the Japanese versions and by Alicyn Packard for Seasons 1-2 and Kira Buckland for Season 3 in the English version.

In Yo-kai Watch Jam - Yo-kai Acadamy Y, his human counterpart is Jiba Jenpei, who is the main protagonist in this series. He is voiced by Mutsumi Tamura.


As Rudy (Akamaru), his appearance was that of a regular cat with red fur. He had a curved muzzle instead of a wavy muzzle, he also had white inner ears and paws tips with a regular tail.

Jibanyan after his death, is a red and white coloured cat with a chip in his left ear. He has yellow coloured eyes with large pupils, his nose and inner-ears are dull shade of pink. Attached to his collar is an aquamarine coloured bell, matching the flames at the end of his two tails. He wears a harumaki around his belly.

In his lightside form, he looks similar to his original form, but he is now taller with a wicked look on his face along with thin, vertical pupils on his eyes. His red fur is less saturated and became shagger. His two tails are short & his paws have visible digits.

In his Shadowside Form, he grown taller with his body shape similar to Rubeus J (Red J). He has a devilish smile on his face, as he grown sharp fangs with his eyes having no pupils and now has a glowing, light-yellow eyes. His white paws are flamed shaped, He has grown claws, & his wisps on his tails are more fierce.


Before Jibanyan died due to an car accident, he was a normal cat named Rudy that was adopted by a girl named Amy.

As a Yo-kai, he resorts to possessing people to fight on-coming trucks after numerous failed attempts to do so by himself. Luckily, he is stopped from doing this and is then befriended by Nate and Whisper, whose house he later decides to move into. He initially shows a mischievous and carefree side, easily breaking the rules and nearly being exorcised and having to be saved by Nate. However, he quickly makes amends shortly thereafter.

Jibanyan has an affinity for Chocobars and anything related to his favorite music group, Next HarMEOWny (NyaKB in Japanese). Jibanyan is also eager to fight over other Yo-kai when needed, as shown in Signibble's assault at Nathan's sleepover. Also, he is quick to take action in dire moments, such as trying to force summoning when Nathan is possessed by Babblong and trying to prove superior than Robonyan, his robotic counterpart. He is very content in protecting Nathan from harm convicted by other Yo-kai.

In the Shadowside series, Jibanyan is more rough, tough looking, and less friendly than his original series. Despite this, he's very supportive to his friends and do anything to save them, especially his former owner Amy (Emi-Chan) & his daughter Miho. 

Sometime before the events of the Shadowside series, he lost his memory remembering anything, such as his previous owner, Amy (Emi-Chan). So he dosen't know why he got the hatred of destroying trucks, his addiction of Chocolate bars. Additionally, his heart sometimes become softer everytime he sees a school girl. As he reunited to his former own, his memory came back but reverted to his Original form in a short time.


  • In Episode 91 of the Yo-kai Watch anime, Jibanyan was revealed to be able to hold fifteen chocobars in his haramaki.
  • Jibanyan has many different versions of himself, through fusions or not even related through Jibanyan.
    • Also, within the franchise, Jibanyan's popular design was used in different Cat Yo-kai.
  • His name is actually a combination of jibakurei (Japanese: 地縛霊 "ghost bound to a location") and nyan, the Japanese onomatopoeia for a cat's meow.
  • His Japanese Voice actor, Etsuko Kozakura, was best known voicing Dawn's Piplup from Pokemon Diamond & Pearl anime, Cosmo from Sonic X, Omochao from Sonic the Hedgehog series, Recovery Girl from My Hero Academia, and Tamama from Sgt. Frog.
  • His first English voice actress, Alicyn Packard, also voiced Little Miss Sunshine from The Mr. Men Show.
  • His Second English Voice Actress, Kira Buckland is best known voicing as Izumo Kamiki from Blue Exorcist, Hiyoko Saionji from Danganronpa series, Alix Kubdel/Bunnyx from Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, Umi Sonoda from Love Live!, 2B from NieR: Automata and Petunia Rhubarb & Laura Carrot from The VeggieTales Show.


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