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Excuse me. Miss Snooty Cat
~ Jiji to a next door white cat that made a mean face at him.


Jiji is the deuteragonist from the 1989 animated Studio Ghibli film Kiki's Delivery Service. He is Kiki's black cat who has sort of a wisecracking persona.

He is a real loyal companion to Kiki and he is shown to have children at the end of the movie with the female white cat (whose name is shown to be Lilly) he soon got along with in time.

He was voiced by Rei Sakuma in the Japanese, and by the late Phil Hartman in the Disney dub, which was dedicated to his memory after his murder and Kerrigan Mahan in the English.


True to his nature as a familiar, Jiji is more than a pet for Kiki, as a witch, the girl can speak with him, turning the cat into her advisor. He was hesitant about he idea of departing so early from the town to begin Kiki's training, but he finally agreed.


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