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Jim is a supporting character in the TV Series, The Walking Dead. He appears as a major character in season 1 and a posthumous character in season 3.

He was portrayed by Andrew Rothenberg.



In the past, Jim was an auto mechanic and lived with his wife and two sons. When the apocalypse broke and zombies called Walkers ravaged everything, Jim tried as best he could to reassure and protect his family. Unfortunately, he witnessed the massacre of the latter, allowing him to flee and take refuge in the survivors' camp in Atlanta.

For good reason, Jim has become very pessimistic and not very talkative with those around him. He remained helpful, however, repairing vehicles at camp, and was shown to be proficient in the night battle against the Walkers.


Season 1

Jim first appears when Glenn drives to camp with a car that keeps sounding its alarm. The group, panicked, asked to silence the alarm, which Jim did it himself as the rest of the survivors joined them. When Rick, Daryl, T-Dog, and Glenn go looking for Merle, Jim and Dale ask Rick for a gun and supplies to fix Dale's RV.

In the next episode, Jim has a fit of madness and goes to a nearby hill to dig graves, worrying Dale who warns his friends. The group leaves to see Jim and Shane asks him why he is doing this and to drop the shovel. Jim refuses and provocates Shane, mentioning the fact that he beat up Ed, Carol's abusive husband. He attacks the officer who is forced to pin him to the ground and handcuff him, while telling him that no one will hurt him. Sadly, Jim says it's the same thing he said to his family and that he was able to escape only because it was eaten by the Walkers. After announcing this, the group remains shocked and silent. After that, Jim is tied to a tree, time to calm down and apologize for scaring the others. The same evening, the camp is attacked by the zombies and Jim hits them with a shovel and saves Andrea horrified to see her sister Amy devoured.

The next day, it is revealed that Jim has been bitten by a Walker, and the group must decide his fate. In the meantime, Rick takes him to safety in the RV and Jim's condition worsens more and more. As the group decides to go to the CDC to treat him, Jim suffers too much and prefers to be left behind, which the group accepts. He is then placed on a tree again, which Jim finds ironic and everyone says goodbye to him.

Although he is no longer seen, it is implied that he became a Walker following his infection.

Season 3

In the penitentiary, Rick hallucinates phone calls and hears Jim's voice. The latter asks him if he is dangerous, if he has already killed someone and asks how his wife, Lori, died. It wasn't until later that Rick realized it was his imagination, much to his shock and anger.


  • Jim appears as an NPC in the mobile app where it is possible to save him or not, in which case his fate is unknown.


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