Bobby Driscoll as Jim Hawkins

Jim Hawkins as played by Bobby Driscoll

Jim Hawkins is a young cabin boy from the Benbow Inn. He appears in Robert Louis Stevenson's 1883 novel Treasure Island. In the book, he narrates his adventures.


At the Benbow Inn

Jim Hawkins lives with one of the owners at the Benbow Inn (aka Tortuga). He first meets a drunken pirate named Billy Bones. Bones is a seafaring man with one leg. He gives Jim the map of Treasure Island where there is buried treasure.

At the Hispaniola

Jim and his family go to the Hispaniola ship after working with the crew. He meets a pirate captain named Long John Silver and he used to be a good pirate captain. The ship sets sail to the Caribbean Sea. Long John Silver (along with Polly the parrot) used to tell Jim stories when the ship is set sail. Jim and the crew reach the Caribbean Sea to find buried treasure.

At the jungle

Jim meets a castaway convict named Benjamin Gunn. Ben tells him that he lived on the Caribbean Sea for three years, taunting him that the treasure isn't found in the island. Jim and his crew set out to find the treasure inside a cave and soon later ambushed by angry pirates. Jim's crew was able to defeat the pirates. After getting the treasure, Jim and his crew sail happily to the Benbow Inn.



Jim Hawkins is the narrator of the animated short. The difference is that Billy Bones is never mentioned.

Muppet Treasure Island

Jim Hawkins is an orphaned boy in Jim Henson's adoption of the book. Gonzo, Rizzo, and the other Muppets are Jim's helpers. The difference is that Jim's crew is ambushed by a tribe of wild boars (along with John Silver's pirates) on the island.

Treasure Planet

Jim Hawkins is the title character of Treasure Planet. Here, we know he is failing school and is able to use his hovering skateboard. His character is the same, but he is accompanied characters not appearing in the book: Amelia (a cat), BEN (a robot), Scroop (an insectoid), and Dr. Doppler (a dog).

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