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Jim Kido (Japanese name: Shin Kido) is a brother of Joe Kido and minor hero in Digimon Adventure. He is studying to be a doctor because he and Joe’s father want a doctor for each of them.


Digimon Adventure 01

When Myotismon and his troops abducted the inhabitants of Odaiba, Jim was one of the inhabitants who was not taken away by Myotismon's troops. When Joe and Bukamon found him, he went with them to help the abducted people, and they noticed they were asleep when they spoke the name of Myotismon in their dreams. When the DigiDestined went into battle against Myotismon, who had become VenomMyotismon, he was left to take care of the people who were under Myotismon's power. After VenomMyotismon was destroyed, he noticed that all members of the family had recovered, after which he went to the Odaiba TV station to join Joe and his friends. And when Joe and his friends went back to the Digital World, he stayed with the rest of the family to look at the sky where the sea, the forest, the city, and the darkness began to disappear as Joe and his friends destroyed the Dark Masters. He and other family members also saw Joe and his friends fight the Apocalymon, and when Joe and others destroyed the Apocalymon, the Digital World was restored and the sun began to shine in the real world sky, thanking Joe and others.

Digimon Adventure 02

Three years later after the Battle of Apocalymon on December 31, 2002, Jim is present at the summer camp with the DigiDestined's families, alongside his younger brother, Shuu. This is the only time he and Shuu are seen together.