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Ja'em Mk'Rah/James "Jim" McGrath is an alien warrior from the Planet Tachyon and the father of Max McGrath/Max Steel.


Ja'em Mk'Rah was a heroic Tachyon General that did his best at defending his planet from the Makino Ultralink Invasion. He met N'Baro Adksteel X377/Steel, a dramatic ultralink who saw how heroic Mk'Rah was and convinced that there is no "glory" in absorbing planets. Just as Mk'Rah was about to be killed by an Ultralink Worm Monster, Steel linked with him and made him more powerful. But they evacuated Tachyon seening that the AlphaLink was ready to absorb it, heading for Makino's next target....Earth.

On Earth, Jim McGrath (Mk'rah's human identity), Forge Ferrus and Miles Dredd founded N-Tek to prevent the Makino Invasion of Earth. Soon, Jim and Molly got married and gave birth to Max. 

Jim and Steel created the Turbo Star, a superweapon that can amplifiy Jim's Turbo Energy to destroy Makino. Unfortunately, Dredd went behind his back and built a device to absorb the Turbo Energy to sell to the highest bidder, which caused an Turbo overload.

Jim was thought to be dead, but he was instead teleported to the far reaches of spaces, where was found and captured by Makino. He was then put in a Turbo Energy-absorbing prison to power the Alphalink.

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