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Hero Overview

Fozzie: Everything okay, buddy?
Farrar: I don't know.
~ Jimbo after looking puzzlement at Gil and the four kids's test results on The Test.
Farrar: And if what if.... What if this toy bought in money. I mean tongue of money.
Melanie: Then i'm sure what can play together
Farrar: Melanie. Shutting the foundation could be the decision in the Killian group. I mean you've sitting on a goldmine. Picture Einstein, Da Vinci, Hawking, Napoleon, Shakespeare, as teenagers, picture them facing off on live TV. Imagine a game show bringing together the youngest Prodigies in the nation. And even imagine your publicity and identifying in showcasing your great minds in America. The foundation could your flag, Melanie. People will idenfity Killian and knowing bellam the same breath.
Melanie: American Genius., We'll could call the show: American Genius.
Jenkins: We'll could hold a final round at the White House. And the president judged the two finalists. He'll own them.
Farrar: No. Not two finalists. Five
Melanie: Why five?
Farrar: Five fingers on a hand. Five senses. Because Five is the first square political number. the perfect number.
~ Jimbo on how to save Killian Foundation from shutting down and to save their company
Fozzie: Jimbo, you are scared?
Jimbo: Yeah
Fozzie: What are you scared of it, Buddy?
Jimbo: Myself
~ Jimbo at his office with his artificial intelligence friend Fozzie

Jimbo Farrar is the main protagonist of the French novel La Nuit Des Enfants Rois and its 2011 French-British animated film adaptation The Prodigies.

Jimbo is a teacher, businessman and a executive member of The Killian Foundation who has a tragic, troubled and abused past, when he was 13 years old when doing his gifted and bright math work, he is badly beaten by his abused parents when searching for their television, he loses control of his psychic abilities and kills his abusive parents while his mother beaten to death to the ground and his father commits suicide with his red belt under the powers of Jimbo, He is then visited at a Mental Hospital by Charles Killian, a multi-billionaire who like Jimbo searches for their powers showing they got skills and adopts his as his adopted son, years later, he becomes a teacher and researcher for Killian University and The Killian Foundation and is married to his wife Ann, who works as a anchorwoman for The Killian Foundation, One night while at the kitchen, Fozzie tells him that five teenagers just won and finished a test on the Killian Network's online game "The Game" showing they got psychic powers and abilities, He picks them up and takes to the Killian Foundation, until when appearing back at New York City, he finds out that Charles Killian has died, The Foundation is then left to Killian's lesbian daughter Melanie, Jimbo then decides a idea to work on a competition television show to reveal future bright geniuses and then will be send off to the White House so that the President of the United States can judge the five participants and finalists and then will be rewarded million dollars if they won they call the show "American Genius" in order to save the company from bankruptcy, After the five teenagers he picked up appear on the show, they decided to meet up with him at Central Park, only until the two thugs Lorenzo and Diaz brutally attack the group and sexually assault Liza, He is then fired from the Killian Foundation, after finding that Melanie covered up the crime in order to preserve the show, Gil and the four teenagers break into Killian University that midnight and watches a homemade VHS of Jimbo's time during his Mental Hospital years discussing about his feelings of isolation that are caused by his supernatural abilities, as well as the possibility of others like him being out there. The mention of him bringing them all together to avenge themselves for all the years of mistreatment and to avenge the people that they love and destroying those with their powers. They then brutally kill off the two thugs who sexually assault Liza and beaten them up and a police officer who covered up the crime alongside with his wife. That stormy midnight while visiting them at Killian University, they then frame Jimbo for killing off Jenkins as part of their ultimate revenge, by editing the Security camera footage and its VHS calming that Jimbo killed him. He is then sent to jail and make find a way to stop them from doing their ultimate revenge in order to save his wife Ann and their pregnant baby.

He was voiced by Freddie Highmore who also played Charlie Bucket in the 2005 film adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Jared Grace and Simon Grace in The Spiderwick Chronicles, Astro Boy in the 2009 animated film adaptation, Justin in Justin and the Knights of Valour, Norman Bates in Bates Motel and Shaun Murphy in The Good Doctor in the U.K. and Irish version, Jeffrey Evan Thomas in all other English version of the film (who also did the motion capture performance of Jimbo Farrar) and Mathieu Kassovitz in the French version of the film.



When he was 13 years old, while doing his gifted and bright math work, he is badly beaten by his abused parents when searching for their television, he loses control of his psychic abilities and kills his abusive parents while his mother beaten to death to the ground and his father commits suicide with his red belt under the powers of Jimbo, He is then visited at a Mental Hospital by Charles Killian, a multi-billionaire who like Jimbo searches for their own psychic powers showing they got skills, he makes test it on a red sparrow bird but kills it instantly who tells Jimbo to "never use his powers again", ultimately making a strong promise and adopts his as his adopted son. Years later in 2010, he has become a teacher at Killian University and has become a researcher and executive at the Killian Foundation and has now married to a anchorwoman named Ann, who soon planning on having a child together, they have sex together when coming home, One night while speaking to his artificial intelligence Fozzie that a player named Gil (an abused child in New Mexico who is like Jimbo when he was a child but a lot darker than him) has passed level 40 on the Killian Network's online game "The Game" to show off he got psychic powers and skills other players complete tests on The Game: Liza, a young girl in Washington D.C. who is trained to be a model; Lee, a young Asian-American immigrant in Seattle who helps her parents in their trade while working at a grocery shop; Harry, an African-American in Miami whose mother wastes all her money in gambling so that she and her son can go to Paris; and Sammy, the only physical ungrateful son of a wealthy family in New York. He tells Fozzie if they know each other, knowing everything in common and if asked if they met online or went to the same social network but couldn't anything about them. But then the five teenagers hack Jimbo's computer Fozzie. In desperation, Jimbo shuts Fozzie down and restarts it, only to find a message they send on his screen with the words: "Where Are You?". He tells Ann going away for two days to pick the five teenagers up and visits Charles Killian in his hospital bed, telling that the test they hid inside the game, he calms that they think they found five of them, he tells to bring them in without anyone knowing and must protect them from themselves doing horrible things. He picks them the five teenagers up, makes Gil do a test on a red sparrow bird the same when he was younger to show off they got psychic powers and abilities Gil asks Jim "Now tell me your secret?" and calming he not alone he'll bring them off together, After dropping off to the Killian Foundation, he goes back home and Fozzie tells him that his wife Ann left him five messages but gets out of the car walking around Time Square (as it froze time a la Vanilla Sky) to find out that Charles Killian has died, He goes to the funeral of Charles Killian with his wife Ann, Charles's lesbian daughter Melanie and her assistant Jenkins, at the meeting they what possible for the company of the foundation which now belongs to her daughter Melanie Killian, As she attempts to end Jimbo's proposal, Jimbo then decides a idea to work on a competition television show to reveal future bright geniuses and then will be send off to the White House so that the President of the United States can judge the five participants and finalists and then will be rewarded million dollars if they won they call the show "American Genius" in order to save the company from bankruptcy, Later, He watches along with his wife Ann and the audience, he tells her "they don't exist" and watches as Gil, Liza, Harry, Sammy and Lee enters the Killian Network's new game show "American Genius" (a mashup of American Idol and Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?, where a large-scale televised competition is to reveal intelligent kids to the public eye) as contestants, seeing Jimbo in the audience.

Fired Off The Killian Foundation and Send to Jail

they decided to meet up with Jimbo at Central Park but didn't showed up due to him finding out that his wife Ann is pregnant. the two thugs Lorenzo and Diaz then appear and starts attacking them group and sexually assault Liza as Gil and the three others were left unconscious after being attacked by them. Jimbo drives off to go to see them only it was too late. Jimbo finds that Liza's pain of her sexual assault is telepathically extended to Gil, Harry, Sammy and Lee when arriving to Central Park. Jimbo has the same pain as Liza's pain as it telepathically to him too it causes the five of them to drove off the thugs using their psychic abilities. Jimbo hurries over to Liza after recovering his senses and finds her in a huge coma and then smashes a brick wall at Central Park as a result. Jimbo, while at the hospital as Harry and Sammy wakes up, while Liza, Lee and Gil are in comas, he finds out that Melanie Killian had to cover up the crime in order to preserve the TV show American Genius, by claiming that Liza was injured by a hit-and-run accident, Furious, Jimbo walks up to Killian University violently demands an explanation towards Melanie Killian, and his anger almost makes him lose control of his abilities and as a result is fired from the Killian Foundation. Jimbo sees Gil after Gil was released from hospital shortly after Jimbo's firing from the Killian Foundation, He tries to attempt to hug with him but ultimately refuses, Jimbo tries to convince to them that he will protect them from something evil if he knows what their doing but Gil says "So their six of us right?", He locks himself away in his office with his artificial intelligence computer Fozzie, afraid because of how he had almost lost control like in the day of the death of his parents. Meanwhile, under the leadership of Gil, the four teenagers infiltrate the archives of Killian University, where they find homemade video recordings of Jimbo during his sessions in the mental hospital. Where he talks about his feelings of isolation caused by his supernatural abilities, as well as the possibility of others like him (even Charles Killian) being out there. The mention of him bringing them all together to avenge themselves for all the years of mistreatment entices Gil, Sammy, Lee and Harry to bring justice upon Liza's attackers, which they do by brutally killing them as well as the officer, who helped cover up the crime, and his wife using their powers. At this point they can control humans's minds if their alive or dead with their psychic abilities, using them as puppets-likes via their minds. One night, He has a argument with his wife Ann after telling that Liza Everton has been released from hospital saying that The Killian Foundation are manipulating her, she says about the four teenagers "they don't exist, Jim" and is said to Jimbo needs to take a therapy session about it. He has a nightmare one night where he walks along a dream-like version of New York finding that Liza Everton is sexually assault and telling him through his head "This is your fault" and grabs Melanie Killian and founds down to the city of New York seeing New York being destroyed, Only to wake up finding out is was a bad dream. When he wakes up he finds a homemade VHS tape of himself at the Mental Hospital when he was younger at his apartment. later that stormy midnight Jimbo pays a visit to them at Killian University he asks them what are they doing at Killian University saying they understood Jimbo's "wisdom" words and accepts it, Gil and the three teenagers then suddenly take Jenkins hostage using their powers. They tried to confess Jimbo to kill him, but ultimately refused. As a result, they brutally attack Jimbo, knocking him unconscious using Jenkins and their psychic powers. Gil steals Jimbo's phone Fozzie saying to Jimbo "we'll believed in you, Mr. Farrar", feeling betrayed by him, he controls Jimbo's unconscious body attacking and killing Jenkins instantly and they then frame Jimbo by editing security camera footage and its VHS and sending him to jail. At the interrogation room, Jimbo tries to convince to them explaining to the police lieutenant who interrogating him and the policemen, the truth about himself and the teenagers's mind control abilities, but Jimbo begins to hallucinated when Gil and Lee tries to make him to kill the police lieutenant who interrogation him, then we see flashbacks of the four teenagers avenging Liza by brutally killing Lorenzo, McKenzie, McKenzie's wife and Jenkins, we learn that Jimbo was young, As he was beaten up by his parents Jimbo uses his mental powers to kill his parents. As young Jimbo watches sadly as his abusive father commits suicide with his own belt, we learn why Jimbo refuses to use his psychic powers against or kill Jenkins when Gil and the three teenagers tell him to do, After killing a red sparrow bird in a mental hospital, Killian tells Jimbo never use his powers again to kill or touch any living things. After that, the policemen don't believe him, particularly due his supposed history of having schizophrenia and severe psychiatric disorder. Jimbo eventually relents and is sent to prison.

The White House and The Final Confrontation

After learning about her husband Jimbo and the four teenagers's psychic abilities from Jimbo's police interview, Ann visits Liza at the Hospital to get advice and help from her, but Liza refuses and loses control of her psychic powers almost killing Ann's pregnant baby and kicks her out by pretending to the police that Ann "needs help", Liza then gives her a secretly miserable look before shutting and closing the blinds. Ann calls Jimbo in prison for one minute to tell him about what happened calming she don't think that their baby not going to come out. She tells him that she going to tell Melanie at the White House in Washington the truth about the five teenagers, Upset and enraged over their pregnant baby being attacked by Liza and the four teenagers's ultimate mystery plan, he breaks free from prison by killing the two prison guards using his psychic abilities making his prison escape. He visits Liza Everton asks a apology from him and he needs her help to stop Gil and the three teenagers from their ultimate revenge and ultimate mystery plan at the White House. At the entrance of the White House, Jimbo and Liza attempted to sneak inside at the White House to stop Gil and the three teenagers by doing his undoing plan, but they were halted by security guards and soldiers, one of them says "This is your last warning: Stop now or we'll shoot!", So Jimbo stops and accepts their agreement, but Liza doesn't and uses her psychic powers without permission to make their move, This then triggers a alarm and initiates a security procedure where they take everyone (including his wife Ann, the four teenagers, the fifth American Genius contestant Justin and Melanie Killian) at the Oval Office to evacuate and must get to safety to the security bunker to be safe, After Liza's attack, as they enter the security bunker, But once inside and all exits are sealed, Gil gives a another malicious smile to a uncomfortable Ann, knowing what she was doing, Ann realizes what Gil and his three friends are doing and plotting something dark as they enter, Gil, Harry, Sammy and Lee then begins killing the security guards, bodyguards, and soldiers and taking the president, Melanie Killian, a fifth American Genius contestant named Justin and Jimbo's wife Ann hostage. Gil then kills Melanie Killian off as plot of his ultimate revenge Gil has a evil malicious smile over it. As Jimbo and Liza enters the security bunker, he holds Jimbo hostage by putting him to the security bunker's glass windows, brutally attacks his wife and their pregnant baby using his psychic abilities and then launches a missile nuke at Killian University, killing the president of the United States as a result. Sammy then raises the possibility to Gil that her child, being Jimbo's as well, might also be "one of us". After launching a missile nuke towards Killian University. Gil then tries to brutally kill his wife Ann and her pregnant baby in a violent fashion through his psychic abilities. Gil tried to confess Liza to kill him and his wife, But ultimately refused saying to her "YOU'RE JUST LIKE ALL OF THE REST!", Upset and enraged over Gil nearly brutally attacking and killing his wife Ann and their pregnant baby using his psychic abilities, Jimbo breaks free and he and Gil have a epic fight using bodyguards and soldiers's dead corpses via their psychic powers as Jimbo tries to protect his wife Ann. Gil and Lee try to strangle his wife Ann using Melanie's dead body via their psychic powers by holding Jimbo down, although Jimbo stops Gil and Lee's command. He asks him did he think that he had "abandoned him", but Gil attacks Jimbo multiple times using bodyguards and soldiers's dead corpses, but Jimbo stops all of Gil's commands. He replies to Jimbo "You did abandoned us, Jimbo.", Jimbo tried to convince Gil for forgiveness by hugging him, but Gil refused and brutally snaps Jimbo's arm using his mind control abilities as Jimbo tries to have a hug with him, a fifth American Genius contestant Justin tries to attempt to kill Gil after the brutally attack from Gil towards Jimbo, before avoiding the fifth American Genius contestant Justin and accidentally shoots and kills Jimbo instead. his wife Ann runs up to Jimbo in his dying body, following the fifth American Genius contestant Justin accidentally killing Jimbo, Gil tried to stop Liza from stopping his undoing plan shouting to Liza and the three teenagers that Jimbo had "betrayed them" (or "betrayed us") but horribly slaps Liza for her refusal to cooperate with him after shouting to him "Look at what we done, Gil!", the horrible slapping of Liza causes Harry, Sammy and Lee to come to his senses and Liza convinces her friends to stop Gil's horrible plan, Sammy then stops him using his powers to stop Gil and Harry stops the missile launching directly towards to Killian University, stopping Gil's horrible plan ultimately, but Jimbo tragically dies shortly afterwards taking his final breath and after the missile to Killian University is disabled.


Four months later, Killian Foundation and Killian University has gone bankrupt. Ann, still pregnant, receives a package containing Jimbo's phone, which has a final video message from Jimbo. Ann does not know it was left by Liza, who has disappeared from the radar along with Harry, Sammy, Lee and Gil. Liza, Harry, Sammy and Lee now search for other people like themselves having psychic abilities, doing Jimbo and Charles Killian's plan as a result, while Gil now continues with his journey on his own, and it seems that he is plotting dark schemes.


  • In Jimbo's mental hospital room, you can posters of The Offspring: Greatest Hits, Seven (1995), The Matrix (1999) and Daredevil (2003) in his room as they are visible in the background.


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