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Hero Overview

They're coming right for us!
~ Jimbo: often precieded by a shot from his gun.

Jimbo Kern often referred to by his nephew Stan Marsh as Uncle Jimbo is a character on the show, South Park. Jimbo is a gun nut and hillbilly focused on defending his neighborhood from animals, aliens, the government, foreigners and the neighbors themselves and is prepared to use lethal force in his service to his fellow man. Jimbo often over-reacts to perceived threats but is willing to give up his own life at a moments notice particularly to save or protect his family.


Jimbo is a very friendly person who cares about his nephew and his neighborhood. Sometimes, he would use ruthless actions to defend his homeland about threats.


  • Jimbo Kern and Ned Gerblansky were inspired by characters Trey Parker drew while in high school.
  • Jimbo, Ned, Jesus, and Barbrady are the only adult characters in South Park with an unseen nose.
  • In an interview, Matt Stone said that Jimbo is Randy's half-brother. However in "The Pandemic Special", it is revealed that he is in fact Sharon's brother.


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