Cebolácio Menezes da Silva, also known as Cebolinha in the original, or Jimmy "James" Five or simply Jimmy Five in the english version, is one of the main protagonists of the franchise of comics and cartoons Monica's Gang. Jimmy Five is a troublemaker kid that speak wrong. He has spiky hair with five strands of hair (hence the significance of his nickname) much like an onion. Despite of being a hero, he often acts like a bully, creating plans to defeat his friend Mônica and that is the owner of the neighborhood, but he always fails in the end and always receives a karmic beating from her.

Debuted in 1961 in Blu's strips as a secondary character, but he ended up being a successful character and soon became the protagonist in his own series in the following year (later being replaced by Monica), earning himself a comic book series after 1973.


Jimmy "James" Five is a troublemaker and full of outlandish plans and very enviable intelligence, being a genius as a boy that is only 7 years old. As the leader of club all the Limoeiro neighborhood boys, he often fights against Monica, a girl with giant force capable of beating all the boys that cause chaos. Due to her immense strength and feminist ego, Jimmy Five, together with his friends (Smudge, Franklin, Jeremiah...) create plans to defeat her including disguises, insults, and even time machines, but in the end Jimmy "James" Five and his friends are always punished for their misdeeds by Monica, who always hits them with her stuffed bunny, leaving them with curatives and black eyes.

He is Monica's neighbor since the two were babies, and they maintain a rivalry, though deep down they are just friends. He lives with his parents Mrs. Five, a gentle and optimistic mother, Mr. Five, the goffy father who has a face identical to his, and his baby sister Mary Angela. He has a extremely furry green dog as a pet called Fluffy.

When away from home (besides being creating plans to defeat Monica) he's playing with his best friend Smudge, who he has also known since they were babies. He is also often seen eating and fleeing Maggy that pursues people to steal their lunch, and in the end he always loses his lunch to her unfairly. He is tormented by the crazy Nutty Ned, a man coming from a hospice to live with him, that annoys him with crazy things and drives Jimmy "James" Five to delirium.


Monica Teen

Jimmy Five teen.png

In this spin-off on manga style Jimmy Five is already a 15 year old and is still friends with Monica, Smudge, Maggy and other original characters from the classic series. Jimmy Five and Monica are not rivals and do not fight anymore, instead they start dating in the first chapters. He continues to be Smudge's best friend and also shows more ambition this time wanting to be the owner of the world (rather than owner of the street as in the original series). He also seems to be smarter and more intelligent, now speaking right most of the time. He has a longer hair, but in the same shape as before. Often during adventures with his friends, he acts as the most calculating member of the gang.


  • His original nickname "Cebolinha" is the diminutive of the word "Cebola" that means onion in portuguese.
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