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Jimmy of Orange
Jimmy Orange is a squire, and is the main character of the TV show, My Knight and Me.


Jimmy has orange hair, which is always out in front of his face. He has orange eyebrows, orange eyes, and small freckles. He dons an orange T-shirt with a belt around his waist, and wears a bottom layer of chainmail that covers his arms and legs, and the chainmail may also serve as a hood. He wears orange boots with a buckle on each.


Jimmy is a fun-loving squire that loves to go on missions. Jimmy is considered the "Brains of The Bunch", in various commercials and teasers. He's often very reckless, always taking risks, and seems not to care if he's going to do something that will get him in danger, as long as it's fun.

Most of the time, when the trio are going on a mission, Jimmy may come up with a "Fresh Plan", which may include ideas, like using an elevator that's only for cleaning to reach the top of a tower (during princess rescuing training). He may also be stubborn at times, an example is during Attack of the 50ft Squire, Jimmy steals growth berries to become larger, and refuses to shrink, despite Cat's protests, and knowing that his life would be changed forever. However, he learns from his mistakes quickly. Overall, he has a kind heart, and wishes to be the best knight in the land of Epic one day.

He also has a rather mischievous side, putting an unknown product in Lance White's stolen sandwich in How To Save a Princess, which makes Lance throw up.

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