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Jimmy Two Shoes is the main protagonist of the series that has the series. He is a perpetually optimistic, thrill-seeking 14-year-old boy. He and Heloise are the only humans living in Miseryville. He is best friends with Beezy J. Heinous.

He would do anything to set things right. He is often seen doing extreme activities despite Heloise's warnings. Jimmy is also oblivious that Heloise has a crush on him, due to the fact that whenever she tries to do something nice, it always backfires and turns to an evil plan. Jimmy and Heloise are the only two humans living in Miseryville. Jimmy's or Heloise's parents have never been seen or mentioned. Heloise's aunt who appeared to be human did visit in one episode though.


Jimmy is an tall teenager guy who has a blond hair, he wears a green shirt with white stripes, blue pants and two black and white shoes.



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