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In the course of a lifetime, a man will see uncountable meetings and partings. Yet, as your life's candle sputters and dies, whose face is it that rises to greet you?
Happy is the man who can sleep, in the comfort of the smile he sees then. No... I don't wish for "forever". Even just for one moment... it's enough, if it's with her. And yet, what is the man to do who has not been afforded that chance?
The road stretches on without end. I cannot but walk down it. As long as I keep walking, I can hold out hope that one day, the time may come when I see her smile again. That hope keeps me afloat...
~ Jin

Jin is a initially a protagonist in Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna - The Golden Country, but later becomes one of the two main antagonists in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 before turning into a hero again, sacrificing himself to stop Amalthus so Rex and his party could climb the World Tree to stop Malos from destroying Alrest with the Artifice Aion.


Jin is a tall and well-built male Blade with shoulder-length white hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. His Core Crystal is a blue, diamond shape located on the fringe on his forehead. He normally wears a horned face-mask in public to conceal his Blade status and being the paragon of Torna. He also wears white and silver armor.

After he becomes a Flesh Eater, his appearance changes drastically. While he normally appears as his original Blade form, his Core Crystal has become completely red and, upon using his strengthened powers, gains black plate armor open on his chest, to expose a wound that appears to cross his heart.


Jin is a somber Blade of few words, giving him a cold and unfriendly demeanor. However, he cares deeply for those he feels responsible for, such as Lora, Haze, Mikhail, and even Malos, and will not hesitate to defend them with force if necessary, despite his distaste for fighting. However, when he becomes a Flesh Eater, his views on humanity and the world change drastically, going from kind and defensive of people to losing faith in humanity and wishing for his own death alongside that of the Architect.


Jin was formerly the Blade of Ornelia, but after her passing, he became the Blade of Lora, making Lora his Driver. Joined by Haze, Jin served Lora with protecting the Torna Titan from threats by Malos, soon gaining the support of Addam and his two Blades, Mythra, the Aegis Blade, and Minoth, and then Mor Ardain Emperor Hugo and his two Blades, Brighid and Aegaeon. Jin's relationship with Lora was a very strong one, especially after her knighting ceremony with becoming a Knight of Torna. Nevertheless, everything came to a head when Malos awoke the Torna Titan from its dormant state, and then began attacking the Titan's Core Crystal, which if destroyed, would kill the Titan along with everyone living on it. During the battle against Malos, he provokes Mythra into using her true power by attacking the capital of Auresco, putting the lives of Mikhail and Milton in jeopardy. Fearing Milton was killed, Mythra snaps and attacks Malos in a blind fury, as Jin can only watch helplessly with Lora, Addam, and the others. When Mythra unleashes her ultimate attack against Malos, while it damages his Siren so badly both it and Malos plummet into the Cloud Sea, the excess energy taxes the Titan's Core Crystal to critical limits and it shatters, costing Hugo his life protecting Addam from the explosion. Jin, Lora, and the others are evacuated by Mor Ardain ships from the doomed Torna Titan, and Jin comforts Lora as she collapses in heartbreak over the loss of Auresco and all of Torna, before then watching as Mythra, pushed to her breaking point in guilt and grief over Milton's death and that of all of Torna because of her own power, seals herself away and creates Pyra in her stead to ensure the tragedy is never repeated. Addam and Pyra then depart from Jin, Lora, Haze, and Mikhail to head to Leftheria, while Jin and his group deal with Gort, having been turned into a monster as part of Amalthus' experiments, and then head to Spessia to meet up with members of Addam's militia that survived and set up camp there. Unfortunately, they are soon attacked by Indol forces following Amalthus' successful coup to become Praetor, and in the attempt to escape, Lora is mortally wounded. Not wishing to lose his memories of Lora after all the time they've had together, Jin transforms himself into a Flesh Eater Blade by consuming Lora's heart, thus allowing him to keep his memories of her, before he then went into hiding after Haze fell into Amalthus' hands.

Jin remained a wanderer for some time until he came across a still-living Malos, who was weakened by his damaged Core Crystal, but was still pretty powerful. Together, they form the Torna organization, and after recruiting other Flesh Eater Blades such as Ahkos, Patroka, and even Mikhail, using the Monoceros, Jin locates Ornelia's old home, where he drops off his journal and photographs of Ornelia's group and the one he took with Lora, Haze, Addam, Hugo, Brighid, Aegaeon, Mythra, Minoth, Mikhail, and Milton, before setting the house ablaze to burn his past. As he departs once the house is fully engulfed, Azurda stops him, asking if he'll come back. Dawning his mask as his only memento of his past, Jin tells Azurda that this is the road he walks alone and their paths won't cross again, but should they encounter each other again, they will be enemies at that time. With those final words, Jin departed from Azurda until their paths do indeed cross again 500 years later as Jin focused on taking revenge on Amalthus for Lora's death.

Five centuries after the Aegis War and becoming a Flesh Eater to remember his memories of Lora, Jin and the Torna group arrive at Argentum Trade Guild to hire a Leftherian as they had located the Ancient Torna Ship where Addam had placed Pyra for her eternal slumber until Alrest needed her again, and the locks on the ship needed a Leftherian to bypass them. Having been joined by this point by another Flesh Eater in Nia with her Blade Dromarch, Jin and the group hire Rex, a Leftherian suggested by Chairman Bana to aid them, and has even commissioned a salvage crew and ship, the Maelstrom, to take them to the location where the Ancient Ship containing Pyra was located. Once the ship is brought up from the Cloud Sea by the salvage crew and Rex, Rex goes in with the Torna group to unlock the doors that required a Leftherian to bypass the security locks. Once they enter the room where Pyra is slumbering, Rex takes notice of Pyra's sword and the Core Crystal in the hilt. Despite orders from Malos to not touch it, Rex does, causing the Core Crystal to resonate, before Jin swiftly runs Rex through with his katana, fatally wounding him, and then shatters Pyra's sword. With Rex and the sword gone, Pyra's body is taken, coffin and all, back topside for preparation to be transported back to the Torna group's hideout on the Monoceros. Once back topside, Malos orders Nia to eliminate the salvage crew as they served their purpose and there was to be no witnesses left behind. When Nia balks at committing mass murder, Malos prepares to do it himself before Pyra's coffin suddenly erupts in flames, forcing Malos to discard it before Pyra bursts from the coffin, now fully awake. Seconds later, Rex erupts from the lower levels of the ship, fully alive, and with Pyra's sword, fully restored, in his hands. As Rex and Pyra, now bonded as Driver and Blade, head into battle, Jin prepares to fight them, but is halted by Malos, who would deal with them himself with help of his Blade, Sever.

Shortly after the battle gets underway and Rex and Pyra prove a pretty good team, Nia and Dromarch, fed up with Malos' actions against Rex and the salvage team, defect and side with Rex. Just as the Monoceros is about to fire on Rex and Nia while they are vulnerable, Azurda arrives to assist, and upon seeing Jin, remembering his previous vow 500 years ago about how if Jin and Azurda met again, they would be enemies, especially as Jin still sought revenge on Amalthus for Lora's death by Indol forces, Azurda is forced to fire on Jin with his fireballs, but Jin easily slices the one aimed at him in half with his katana, but that was merely the distraction to allow Azurda to grab Rex, Pyra, Nia, and Dromarch, and escape, despite taking heavy damage from the Monoceros as he fled. Though Malos orders pursuit and to ready the main cannon, Jin tells him it's no good as they are already out of range. Nevertheless, Jin tells Malos to give up the pursuit as Pyra has awoken and that is enough for now as he'll dispatch Ahkos to pursue Rex and his group instead.

Jin manages to acquire a Titan weapon that was being excavated by the Empire of Mor Ardain and fires it on the Kingdom of Uraya in an attempt to provoke war between the two countries, but is confronted by Rex and his party. Though he is hampered by Haze's powers as Fan la Norne, he escapes, but only after killing her in a mercy kill to free her from Amalthus' control.

When he is confronted by Rex and his party again, not only does he demand they hand over the Omega Fetter and Pyra/Mythra, but he reveals his true form that proves too fast and agile to evade. Not even Mythra's Foresight can intercept or dodge his strikes. In a desperate bluff, Pyra threatens suicide with Siren in return for Jin sparing Rex and the others for her surrender. Jin accepts and takes her and the Omega Fetter back to Malos, who drains Pyra of her energy to restore his own Aegis powers and take control of the Artifice Ophion with the Omega Fetter. When Rex and his party face him again, Rex understanding the burdens Pyra and Mythra are facing and offering to take them on himself causes him to awaken their true form of Pneuma and become the Master Driver, allowing him to overpower Jin and defeat him, even in his true form. However, the battle between Ophion and Siren causes Jin and Rex's party to fall into the Land of Morytha.

After Pneuma heals Jin and discovers his Flesh Eater status, he reveals the truth about Amalthus and his slaughtering of Torna survivors on Spessia, leading to Lora's death and him becoming a Flesh Eater by consuming Lora's heart to escape having his memories of her erased when she died and continue living. When he is rescued by Malos and the rest of the Torna group, he convinces them to spare Rex and his party for the time being.

When it comes time to climb the World Tree, Jin and Malos go on ahead, but Jin then bids Malos farewell as he goes on alone, while Jin remains behind to meet up with Rex and his party again. Revealing that he wishes to see who the world will choose for its future, Rex or Malos, he then prepares to fight Rex and his group one more time, in accordance with Malos' will, even if it means his death. Though Jin is defeated again when Rex disarms him, he accepts his defeat and Rex convincing him that Blades were created to keep humans in check. Akhos and Patroka arrive to aid him, but before Nia can use her Blade powers to heal him, Amalthus, having transformed into a monstrous form from consuming all the Core Crystal he "cleansed", kills Patroka, then Akhos. Jin is furious over the deaths of his fellow Flesh Eaters, but is still too fatigued to try and avenge them. Rex takes over and defeats Amalthus, but refusing to be defeated before he sees the Architect and ensure his genocide of Alrest comes to pass, Amalthus attacks the World Tree with tendrils of energy, attempting to destroy it from the inside out.

Asking Rex to go on ahead and stop Malos from fulfilling Amalthus' murderous intentions, Jin summons all his remaining power and freezes Amalthus to the wall, killing the Praetor once and for all, but at the cost of cracking his own Core Crystal, killing him as well as he collapses to his knees and dissolves in a white light, possibly to be reunited with Lora in the afterlife.

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