Jin Dynasty (in Chinese: 晉朝), also known as Western Jin (in Chinese: 西晉), are the heroic faction in the 14th-century Chinese classic novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms by the late Luo Guanzhong, and its multiple adaptations. They are formed at the end of the Three Kingdoms period. Though it unified Han China under one ruler, its prosperity was short-lived and gave birth to another period of civil conflicts.


The Sima family initially served the Wei kingdom, but the influence of clans and powers grew enormously after the incident at Gaoping Tombs. When Sima Yan forced Wei emperor Cao Huan to abdicate him, But the end of Wei kingdom and starting Jin Dynasty (as Emperor Wu) The name of dynasty was taken from Jin State from the Spring and Autumn Period which once ruled the Sima Wen family area in Henei (now Wen County, Henan).

Jin and Wu conquered all of China, but internal conflicts, corruption, and political chaos of the dynasty quickly weakened, and unification only lasted ten years. After the emergence of the second Jin emperor, Emperor Hui, various imperial princes tried to seize power in the War to destroy the Eight Prince. The Wu Hu rebellion followed, where a large number of refugees fled south, while the north was inhabited by various nomadic tribes.

This marked the end of the West Jin Dynasty, when Jin council was evacuated to the southern region of the Huai River, and the beginning of the East Jin and the 16th State period.



  • In Dynasty Warriors game series, the faction symbolized by a light blue color and a qilin; Dynasty Warriors 9 associates them with white.


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