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Jinmay Rayfield is one of supporting characters of Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!. She is a robot girl who Chiro falls in love with. She becomes an official Hyperforce member and becomes the protector of Shuggazoom when the Hyperforce left to destroy the Dark Worm.

She is voiced by Ashley Johnson, who also voices Ellie in The Last of Us and its sequel, Terra in Teen Titans 2003 and Teen Titans Go!, Tulip Olsen from Infinity Train, Gwen Tennyson in Ben 10: Alien Force, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien and Ben 10: Omniverse, and Renet Tilley in TMNT 2012.



She has pink hair and green eyes. She usually wears her blue dress with a heart in the front and the back when she was an honorary member. Now she wears the same style as Chiro's but in dress form. When she calls for help in "Ghosts of Shuggazoom", she is wearing her original dress.


Jinmay is polite, kind and brave. She also has a tough side. She is protective of others and cares a lot about Chiro. She has a child-like innocence around her, which sometimes results in naivete on her part.


She and Chiro have fallen in love when they first met after he rescued her.




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