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Jinx is a fictional character from the G.I. Joe A Real American Hero toyline, comic books and cartoon series. She debuted in 1987, and her code name has also been the identity of several other incarnations of the same female ninja character: one of Snake-Eyes' apprentices in Sigma 6, Chuckles' undercover contact in Cobra, a cameo character in The Rise of Cobra (returning as a major character in Retaliation), and Storm Shadow's cousin in Renegades.


Jinx is one of only a handful of G.I. Joe Team members whose real name is top secret. She has been studying and competing in several forms of martial arts since she was seven. She grew up in Los Angeles, California, and is a Bryn Mawr graduate. On a vacation trip to Japan, she discovered her familial ties to a ninja clan known as the Arashikage, and was officially initiated into the clan. She was then recruited by Snake-Eyes, a fellow ninja and member of the G.I. Joe Team. She has since underwent training with the Blind Master, a ranking ninja sensei, and studied the seven silent forms, including the "Eye That Pierces", the "Iron Hand" and the "Heart That Waits".


G.I. Joe: The Movie


In the continuity established by Sunbow, her first and only appearance was in the 1987 animated film, G.I. Joe: the Movie voiced by Shûko Akune. She is established as a member of the Rawhides, a group of G.I. Joe rookie recruits trained by Beach Head. She is often blamed for any unlucky occurrences, and her code name reflects this. She was also Lt. Falcon’s love interest in the film. During a sparring session with Beach Head, she made a reference to her blind ninja master. The climax of the film brought her in the duel with Cobra-la’s most lethal member Pythona. She fights at her best blindfolded, as she was trained in this method by the Blind Master.



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