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I don't care who you are... Nobody messes with me!
~ Jinx to Madame Rouge in "Lightspeed".

Jinx is a major antagonist turned superheroine in the 2003 Cartoon Network animated series Teen Titans. She is an Honorary Teen Titan and the girlfriend of Kid Flash, as shown in "Lightspeed" and "Titans Together". Prior to joining the Teen Titans, Jinx was a top student of the H.I.V.E. Academy, a member of the Brotherhood of Evil and the leader of the H.I.V.E. Five.

She is voiced by Lauren Tom (who also voices Gizmo), best known for voicing Kuki 'Numbuh 3' Sanban in Codename: Kids Next DoorSu in Mulan II, and Amy Wong in Futurama. However, in "Titans Together" she's voiced by Tara Strong, who also voices Raven in the series.

Character History

Jinx was a young magic user and a member of the H.I.V.E. Academy. She often worked alongside her fellow cadets, Gizmo and Mammoth. As part of the Academy's final exam, Jinx and the others were assigned to destroy the Teen Titans. During their initial encounter with the Titans, Jinx focused her attention on her analog in the Titans - Raven. Their first battle ended with her victorious, and after defeating the Titans, they took command of their headquarters, Titans Tower. Jinx temporarily moved into the quarters normally occupied by Raven. When the Titans regrouped, they fought to take back the Tower and Beast Boy distracted Jinx, tricking her into firing off random blasts of energy that caused the roof above her to collapse. Jinx survived the incident, however, and soon regrouped with the rest of the H.I.V.E. students.

In a later adventure, the H.I.V.E. students once again encountered the Teen Titans while in the midst of a daring bank robbery. The H.I.V.E. students managed to evade capture, but not before Robin planted a homing beacon on Jinx's costume. The Titans used the beacon to discover the location of the H.I.V.E. Academy and Cyborg infiltrated the organization using the alias "Stone". As "Stone", he befriended Jinx and the others, but did not fool the H.I.V.E.'s new headmaster, Brother Blood. Although Cyborg's true identity soon became known to the group, his presence made Jinx begin to question her commitment towards being a supervillain.

Sometime later, Jinx and the H.I.V.E. Five were in the midst of robbing a museum when they encountered Kid Flash, who easily took the stolen items from them whilst giving Jinx a rose. By this point, Jinx felt that her reputation amongst the H.I.V.E. Five was tarnished, and she wanted to prove that she had what it took to play in the big leagues. To accomplish this, she attempted to cultivate a relationship with Madame Rouge of the Brotherhood of Evil. She encountered Kid Flash once again, and managed to capture him on behalf of the Brotherhood. While imprisoned, the speedster asked Jinx why she insisted on hanging out with "losers" like the H.I.V.E. Five. This angered Jinx greatly, but something in Kid Flash's words struck a chord within her. Nevertheless, she believed that the capture of Kid Flash would assure her a place within the Brotherhood. Kid Flash soon escaped confinement, but Jinx caught up with him and managed to lay him low with an electro-stunner. Madame Rouge, however, was unimpressed with Jinx's handiwork and rebuked her efforts, calling her "pathetic". This caused Jinx to immediately turn against Madame Rouge and, following a brief battle, she began to distance herself from the rest of the H.I.V.E. Five.

Kid Flash's persistent efforts to reform her finally paid off, as Jinx eventually abandoned the H.I.V.E. Five altogether and joined the Titans in their battle against the Brotherhood of Evil. She no longer actively participates in criminal endeavors, instead aiding the Teen Titans in their various adventures. 

Teen Titans Go! (comics)

The animated version of Jinx makes many more appearances (being one of the main characters in a few issues) in the Teen Titans Go! comic books, starting from issue #1. It should be noted that, despite her limited role in the TV series, she gained significant popularity among the show's fans, especially following the premiere of "Lightspeed".

In issues #26–27, hints are given to her later "turning over a new leaf" (foreshadowing her eventual heroic turn in "Lightspeed"). She also appears in issue #34 as Kid Flash's girlfriend, getting jealous when he begins flirting with Raven, Argent and several other females. In issue #36, she gets captured by Blackfire along with the other Titan heroines and is almost sold into slavery by the Gordanians. In issue #39, she is still with Kid Flash, and when Larry, who is playing Cupid, strikes other women with his love arrows whilst trying to hit Kid Flash, Jinx has her hands full with keeping them from flirting with her boyfriend.

Jinx also appears in issue #40, still part of the H.I.V.E. Five at that time, and issue #43, helping the Titans stop Dr. Light's new supervillain team, the Fearsome Five. She is mad at Raven and the Titans because she has not been given a Titans communicator, but calms down once Raven says that Robin wants her to infiltrate the Fearsome Five. When they make their appearance to Cyborg and Beast Boy, Jinx is with them (and the Titans act as if they were shocked about Jinx's "betrayal"). After the Fearsome Five break into Titans Tower, the Titans, Jinx and Kid Flash ambush and quickly defeat them. After the battle, Robin gives Jinx a Titans communicator (the only reason she didn't get one originally was because Robin had run out of them during the battle against the Brotherhood of Evil).

In issue #53, it is revealed that Jinx's nickname is "Lucky" and that she had endured a disappointing relationship with Kid Kold, one of the two villains (along with his sister, Ice Kate) featured in that issue, before joining the H.I.V.E. Five. At the end of the day, Jinx shares her official first kiss with Kid Flash.

In the comics, after joining the Teen Titans, Jinx is shown to understand that she doesn't have to be evil because of her powers; this is proven when she tells Rose "Ravager" Wilson (Slade's daughter) that she doesn't have to be like her father.

Physical Appearance

Jinx is one of only four characters to have grey skin (the other three being Argent, Raven and Kyd Wykkyd). She has bright pink hair in the shape of devil horns that stick out slightly at the top. Her eyes are pink, with the pupils being similar to those of a cat. She also has small, oval-shaped (triangle-shaped in the comics) pink cheek blushes. She wears a purple/black dress, a black necklace with a purple charm on it, a thin purple belt at the waist with a mini purple poncho attached, purple/black stockings and black/purple boots.


During her time with the H.I.V.E. Five, Jinx is a very ambitious go-getter with a slight mean streak. Because of her goals to rise among the ranks of villains, she tries her best to be an effective H.I.V.E. member under both its regimes. Far more mature, focused and controlled than her male teammates, Jinx has proven to be a largely capable and determined, if subconsciously insecure, leader. She also idolized Madame Rouge of the Brotherhood of Evil before Kid Flash stepped in to change her mind. Jinx is also strong in her own personality, though, even directly assaulting Rouge and releasing Kid Flash when Rouge taunted and mocked her, deeming her a "pathetic failure" and an "embarrassment".

At first, Jinx appears to be the quiet and mysterious type, often speaking in whispers and sometimes being depicted as rather crazy because of the evil, crooked grin she usually wore when battling. However, in "Lightspeed", we see a more determined, outspoken and emotional side of Jinx who wants to be respected and not shunned because of her bad-luck powers. Kid Flash helped Jinx bring out her true personality, and how she feels about certain things. Generally, however, despite her habitual dark looks, she is a very fashion-conscious girl, more intent on hunting for interesting attires and accessories rather than getting rich. Furthermore, she is characterized as the "popular girl" of the H.I.V.E. Five; in the series, a number of super-teens - including Kid Flash, Cyborg, See-More and Kid Kold - are revealed to have (or had) a crush on her.


Teen Titans

Kid Flash

Jinx and Kid Flash's relationship was kind of rocky at first, but they are off that road and now really care for each other. In the comics, they are shown to be more romantic. They are frequently seen on dates at the movies, the carnival, the pizza place and in the park. They help each other when they need it, like when Jinx helped Kid Flash all the way to Titans Tower and pleaded with Raven to help him get his powers back. She also gets jealous when he flirts with other girls.

While Jinx believed that she'd been cursed with bad luck throughout her life and was barely surviving as a villainess, Kid Flash lived a relatively normal life until the freak accident that led to him becoming the sidekick of The Flash.

In "The Fearsome Five", while Kid Flash was watching Jinx (who was infiltrating the titular supervillain team on behalf of Robin) through a monitor, he was worried about her well-being and told the Titans not to hurt her. In "Dial H for Hero", Kid Flash called Jinx "Slowpoke" like how Kid Kold had nicknamed her "Lucky". Kid Flash and Jinx are a strong couple in the series, despite their relationship only featuring in a few issues of Teen Titans Go!. They deeply care for each other and help each other out when they're in trouble.

Cyborg (as "Stone")

While Cyborg was undercover at the H.I.V.E Academy as "Stone", Jinx falls in love with him and even asks him out to a dance. It turns out they both had crushes on each other, when Bumblebee admits she read a little more on his disc about the huge crush on Jinx. They did not go out, though, as they were on different sides. When Jinx joined the Teen Titans, they still did not get together, mainly because she was in a romantic relationship with Kid Flash and he was in a relationship with Sarah Simms, though they did end up becoming friends.


Gizmo and Mammoth

Jinx was very close friends (or, at the very least, strong allies) with Gizmo and Mammoth at the H.I.V.E. Academy and during their time as members of the H.I.V.E. Five. They are never seen without one another until the last episode of the series. The extension of their relationships with one another is not pinpointed, but in "Final Exam", they seemed comfortable associating with one another in the Titans' lounge; they also share a dwelling place as the H.I.V.E. Five. Jinx was the unofficial leader of this posse while at the H.I.V.E. Academy, and she was the self-titled leader of the H.I.V.E. Five. They always trained together at the Academy, as their varying talents and skills complemented the others' very nicely. Because of this, these three would fight back-to-back with very synchronized battle tactics, which often lead them to victories. However, when Jinx switched sides to join Kid Flash and the Teen Titans, she didn't hesitate to defeat Gizmo and Mammoth and allow them to be flash-frozen. Since then, Gizmo has given Jinx the unflattering nickname of "Traitor Girl".

Kid Kold

Little is known about Jinx's relationship with Kid Kold. They had broken up when Jinx went to study at the H.I.V.E. Academy, with Kold later getting his sister (Ice Kate) involved in the crime business. He is a villain too, but has never appeared in the TV series. When they were dating, Kid Kold and Jinx developed nicknames for each other: Jinx's was "Lucky" while his was "Leo". He was shocked to find out that she was a Teen Titan and was even more shocked that she was the girlfriend of Kid Flash. When Jinx says she doesn't want to hurt him and if he could just come along with her so she could take him to jail, he replied coldly "So what? You expect me to turn myself in or something? Just 'cause of what we once had?". When he reaches for his ice gun, it turns out his sister had taken it to battle Kid Flash. Jinx uses her powers to pull his pants down at the same moment Kid Flash returns with Ice Kate in handcuffs. When the two villains are arrested, Kid Flash shows some concern, but Jinx says that it's all good now. With that, Kid Flash and Jinx share their first official kiss.

"Lucky, huh? Were you two an item or something?"
"One of the many mistakes I made in the past, but life's good now... and so am I."
~ Kid Flash and Jinx


See-More and Jinx have not dated, but have shown interest in one-another. In "Lightspeed", they are seen working together. See-More was there for Jinx when she needed it, but in Jinx's vision, he was more like a friend, even though See-More may have wanted to be more. When she leaves on her own to find Kid Flash to prove that she's not completely useless, many of the members did not want to come, but See-More came. When she thanks him, a faint blush is shown on his face before floating away on his giant eye balloon. When the episode is almost done, he offers to help her rob a technology store, but Jinx kindly rejects his offer.

Powers and Abilities

  • Jinx Magic: Jinx's body produces mystical energy which she can use for a variety of effects. Though an act of will, Jinx can cause electrical systems to malfunction. Jinx's sorcery also enables her to affect the elements. She can generate a whirlpool or tidal wave in the middle of the ocean, or summon heavy winds to knock opponents off their feet. Jinx has the ability of Probability Control, or manipulation over luck or - in Jinx's case - bad luck. Jinx is described as an enchanting sorceress who wields the power of bad luck, which manifests as pink, lightning-like energy blasts/waves fired from her hands. Jinx's powers portray a manipulation of probability, or more specifically, the ability to "jinx" her enemies, hence her name. How she does this has never been explored in the series. When she is not shooting waves of energy, her eyes glow a bright pink instead, and can make structures crumble. In early episodes, it was shown that her powers are magical in nature; however, in later episodes, she's seen exhibiting her powers as a free flow output through her brain, common for most psionics. When she wants her enemies to be "jinxed", she mostly uses her energy waves to disrupt solid structures in her surroundings, though other effects are also possible, such as tidal waves. Her bad-luck energy can also serve a direct offensive role as concussive blasts. As shown in Teen Titans Go! issue #1, her powers cannot bypass Raven's dark-energy shields. Jinx is also an accomplished gymnast, capable of dodging beam-bursts, starbolts and pillars of stone telekinetically launched at her with ease.
  • Probability Manipulation: Among these is the ability to affect probability fields around specific objects.
  • Energy Projection: Primarily, though, Jinx uses her power to produce bursts of concussive mystical energy. She can hurl this energy either as a blast, or as a pink wave/hex, which she uses to knock her opponents off their feet.
  • Expert Gymnast: Jinx is extremely agile and uses various somersaults and tumbling to avoid offensive attacks. She has also incorporated her gymnastic skill into close-quarters combat.

Episode Appearances

  • "Final Exam"
  • "Deception"
  • "Mother Mae-Eye"
  • "Homecoming - Part 2" (cameo)
  • "Lightspeed"
  • "Titans Together"


In Latin, the word "Jinx" means "bad luck".




  • Jinx's energy looks similar to Gwen Tennyson and Charmcaster's mana.
  • The shape of Jinx's hair looks similar to a horseshoe, which has a superstitious relation to luck. Oddly, while Jinx's powers revolve around bad luck, her hair is pointed upwards, and an upward-pointed horseshoe is a symbol of good luck.
    • Another thing about her hairstyle is that it partially resembles that of another well-known villainess from another game not related to DC or Marvel: namely Ultimecia from the Final Fantasy series.
  • Interestingly, whenever she was fighting against the Titans, she always battled Raven ("Final Exam", "Deception" and "Mother Mae-Eye")
  • Jinx's probability manipulating powers are very similar to Scarlet Witch's.
  • Jinx is the only supporting character in the show to not have eyebrows.
  • It is implied that Jinx likes unicorns, as seen in "Lightspeed" when Kid Flash goes through her drawings.
  • Jinx is vastly different from her comic book counterpart, who is an Indian sorceress who wears golden jewelry with mostly white clothes and had dark skin, along with no hair. The original Jinx also has various elemental magic powers instead of bad luck-themed abilities, and her powers are also weakened if she's not on the ground.
  • Jinx is one of the few villains in Teen Titans to redeem themselves and become a hero.
  • Jinx's favorite food is blueberry pie.
  • Some of the Teen Titans fandom have given her the name "Jaya" as her real name.

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