I can't do this ,Im Jiyū Nanohana ! Im Not Yagyu Jubei ! I don't want become Yagyu Jubei , Again !
~ Jiyū Nanohana on Episode 3 of Season2

Jiyū Nanohana  (菜ノ花 自由 Nanohana Jiyū) is the main-character of the Jubei-chan series. She is the future reincarnation of the famous swordsman , who wield a Heart-shaped eyepatch which embodied Yagyu Jubei power.

She is voiced by Hiroko Konishi and Yui Horie on season 2 and Melanie Risdon on English version


Jiyū overall bright, upbeat,humorous and kindhearted . Because of her beauty-look , curvaceous body and her bright-persona, many people love her even its a enemies and she very close among her friends , especially the Ruffians gang.

When she gain a power of Yagyu Jubei from a lovely eyepatch, she have a different persona. As Yagyu-Jubei II, she more calm, serious and calculating swordswoman . Her Yagyu-Jubei II persona also wiling do anything for stop the revenge of her enemies even it will she lose her original Jiyū persona. Despite this, Yagyu-Jubei II persona sometime shown Jiyū persona , for example when Jiyū stop to Yagyu-Jubei II for cut Freesia Yagyu, or she choose to save Kita Furō who trapped and possessed by his father spirit on monster-ice form .

After the event on previous season, Jiyū decide to forgot the past event and choose continue live as normal girl. She befriended with a mysterious cheerful-student from Russia, Freesia Yagyu, who confirmed as Yagyu-Jubei lost daughter and start antagonist her. At first , she doesn't wanted to fight with her, and wanted to Ayunosuke to give the Lovely-Eyepatch to Freesia because she feel Freesia is worthy to got the eyepatch . After she got a wisdom from her father, Mikage , Nizaemon , Kita Furō and Koinosuke-spirit, she later agree to pick her eyepatch again, and engage a duel with Freesia, in order to make her know her father true-desire.

Skill and Abilities

Master of Swordsman

As Yagyu-Jubei II , Jiyū possess a great swordsman-skill which can defeat the Ryuujoji , The Siberian-Yagyu , and Freesia as the other Jubei Yagyui II. Her skill as great as Original Yagyu-Jubei, which make Kita Furō amazed with her

Enhanced Strength

Both as herself and as Yagyu-Jubei II , Jiyū naturally have a great strength to defend a sword with her bare-hand , its shown when she use "Yagyuu Shinkageryuu Mutodori" to catch Kita Furō sword and as Yagyu-Jubei she able to defend herself with her body from Kita Retsusai giant ice-sword


  • Her name, Jiyū (自由) means "freedom". Her name is refers to her will to releasing someone who trapped in dark path.
  • Jiyu's nickname Jubei if pronounced slowly is "Jiyuu-bei".
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