Josephine Jones (Nee Grant) was the deuteragonist in seasons 8 to 10 of Doctor Who. Jo travelled with the Third Doctor when she was employed by UNIT after the departure of Liz Shaw. Initially a lab assistant, she accompanied the Doctor during occasional missions for the Time Lords and after his exile on Earth was lifted.

Eventually, she left UNIT to marry Clifford Jones, who managed to receive UN funding for numerous progressive scientific studies.

She was portrayed by Katy Manning.


Early Life

Jo was born in 1951. As a child, she would go to the seaside with her family. Her Grandfather would always spoil her with ice cream behind her parents' backs. When Jo was 7 years old, her grandfather died.

Jo attended a grammar school and took an A-Level in General Science, but apparently, she didn't pass.

One day, when Jo was visiting her uncle, she saw a car following her bus, leading to a pursuit. After a short chase, she found herself being pursued by insect-like creatures in the countryside, but she was saved by a grey-haired man wearing a velvet suit. Unfortunately, she was later captured by the cabby who abandoned her earlier in the chase. She soon overpowered the cabby and demanded to be taken to whoever was behind all this, who it turned out was actually her uncle. These experiences were apparently all a test for her to determine her fitness for UNIT, which she passed.

Doctor Who

In Terror of the Autons, Jo met the Doctor for the first time, but he initially thought she was the tea lady, and she accidentally ruined his experiment. Though the Doctor initially rejected Jo as scientifically incompetent, the Brigadier correctly asserted that what the Doctor needed was "someone to pass you your test tubes and tell you how brilliant you are". Her first assignment was revolved around the Master's scheme to use the Nestene Consciousness and the Autons to destroy Earth. Even though Jo was hypnotised by the Master into bringing a bomb into UNIT HQ in an attempt to blow up the Doctor, she proved her worth to him and they quickly became almost inseparable.

When the Time Lords allowed the Doctor to go on missions for them, Jo went with him in Colony in Space, with her first trip being on the planet Uraxeus, to stop the Master claiming the Doomsday Weapon. While there, she was captured by the IMC, but escaped with the help of fellow captive David Winton. She was recaptured by the IMC, and was later taken prisoner by the primitive Uxarieans and taken to their city, but was rescued by the Doctor, and helped him defeat the Master.

In The Green Death, Jo went to Llanfairfach in Wales to meet with an activist named Clifford Jones so she could help him protest Global Chemicals' approval of more petrol which would cause more pollution. During Jo's short stay in Kkanfairfach, she ended up falling in love with Cliff, eventually resigning from UNIT to marry him. The Doctor left the wedding party after giving Jo a blue crystal that he found on Metebelis 3.


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