Joanna Slayton/Annie Proffitt is the heroine of the 1987 comedy, Overboard. She was played by Goldie Hawn.

When hero and carpenter, Dean Proffitt, does work for her before she turns into a nice girl later, she goes him a hard time and insults him for doing a job she wanted cedar not oak for her remodeling even though she didn't ask for that from the very getgo. Then she says she won't pay him for his hard work of remodeling her closet. Then he comes down on her for being a spoiled brat and bored and she pushes him and throws his tools into the ocean. Her bitch mom says if she has a baby then won't she be the baby anymore talk.

Later she tries to get her wedding ring on deck and falls off into the sea. The result is she gets amnesia and is taken in by a hospital and is turned down by her asshole husband, who says he's never seen her before in his life and leaves her there and celebrates on her yacht with other women. Her mom calls to talk to her but gets turned down by her husband, who doesn't answer or says she is unavailable and later she says if he does not produce Joanna in 1 week she will hire mercenaries or something to cut off the protruding parts of his body penis. As for Joanna, she goes through intensive work, labor, and living in general when Dean picks her up and releases her by lying for personal revenge.

She does awesome things for them like telling off a teacher of the Proffitt boys and creates designs and ideas for Dean's miniature golf course. Thanks to Joanna, she helps his fam and him, and Dean feels that he needs to teel her the truth. Then she gets her memory back and finds out that Dean manipulated her she leaves when her husband comes to get her. She feels really sad about this and her mom and her husband bring in a psychiatrist to make her one of them again.

Joanna now changed refuses to be the mean, narcissistic person she was before and later decides to go back to Elk Cove, home of the Proffitts, and is successful in doing so and makes amends to her butler and says to Dean that the money is all hers not her husband's when they are reunited.  

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