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Joe Barbaro is the deuteragonist of 2010 game Mafia II and the main protagonist of one of its story packs, Joe's Adventures.


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Murders Committed

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Mafia I

  • Epilogue

Mafia II

  • O'Neil Goons - Shot.
  • Police Officers - Shot, physically killed, blown up etc.
  • The Fat Man's Henchmen - Shot.
  • Sidney "Fat Man" Pen - Gunned down. Assisted by Vito.
  • Billy "Bones" Barnes - Shot.
  • Greasers - Shot.
  • Clemente Mobsters - Shot.
  • Clemente's Driver - Shot.
  • Alberto Clemente - Gunned down.
  • Leon - Shot.
  • Desmond Goons - Shot.
  • The Fake Cops - Shot.
  • Chinese Mobsters - Shot.
  • Chinese Kitchen Workers - Shot.
  • Mr. Wong - Shot.
  • Tommy Angelo - Shot.
  • Vinci Capo - Beaten to death.
  • Vinci Gangsters - Shot.
  • Falcone Gangsters.

Mafia III

  • "Yet Here We Are" (cutscene)

Joe's Adventures

  • (Coming Soon!)

Mission Appearances

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