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Joe Buttataki is one of supporting characters in the manga/anime series Soul Eater. He is the Internal Investigator and meister from Death Weapon Meister Academy.

He was voiced by Atsushi Ono in the Japanese version, and by Jason Douglas in the English version.


Joe is a tall man who has a light black skin, light brown cut hair and light blue eyes, but basically he close his eyes where he show them his usually. He wears a white shirt with the comprise of a simple, he was a rolled up sleeves on his open in from top, under the black waistcoat and black shorts. His shorts is relatively plain grey belt, using the held on Internal Affairs badge, where it sample black patch embellished on the Death's mask. He also wore a black gloves and black sandals. He always used to focus on the investigative matters.


Despite his seemingly was the straightforward personality, Joe is the rather brash and passionate attitude towards to everyone introduced with the friends. Later, he knows very deeper with more insecure feelings, expect his concerning ability, when he upset when he allows him for working in the job that can be always at his allies. In bigger regret of his life that he decided disguise for Marie kind of hopes a rectify of situation as us. Joe is very fan of coffee lover and he likes drinking coffee unless he can say it while he didn't want it.



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