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Some may call me a vigilante. I think I just got problems to fix.
~ Joe Hunter

Joe Hunter is titular main protagonist in a book series by Matt Hilton.


When Joe was young child his father was tragically killed when he was around 6–8 years old and his mother subsequently remarried leading to the birth of his younger half-brother John Telfer. Growing up he lived in Manchester and after graduation he became a counterterrorist, remaining in that job for 14 years before quitting and becoming a vigilante-for-hire. During his military years he received training through which he learned to use his body to achieve the desired results and befriended Jared "Rink" Rington who would later set up a private investigations business employing a branch of vigilantes, including Hunter himself. He's a divorcee and owns two dogs who regularly keep him company when he's not around his friends or relatives. Later on, he would also lose his half-brother in the hands of psychopathic serial killer Tubal Cain and has since been active in vigilantism.


Being a vigilante Hunter is not afraid to use lethal force whenever he sees it as necessary. However, unlike most people, he considers himself a problem solver instead of a vigilante hence his best known quote. He is shown to deeply care about his friends and relatives, including his half-brother despite their rather rocky relationship prior to his death in Tubal's hands.

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