Joe Okada

Joe Okada is a shopkeeper, and secretly a knight from Trump Kingdom, who appears in the season Doki Doki! Pretty Cure. He appears in episode 1, when he appears selling Cure Loveads of any kind.

He is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai in the Japanese version, and by Grant George in the English version.

Sir Jonathan Klondike

Sir Jonathan Klondike is Joe Okada's alter ago. Sir Jonathan Klondike appears in episode 17. He used to be a knight of Trump Kingdom, and was Princess Marie Ange's fiancée. He hopes one day to find her with the help of the Cures. He wears bright armor, and carries a powerful sword, which could stop dark power, he also puts his hair into a ponytail.

His first appearance was as he helped Cure Heart by protecting her before she turned into a stone, he then said to her to heal her friends, and fight back, Cure Heart performed Heart Shoot, and her friends were back. The Cures then regrouped and defeated the Jikochū, by performing Lovely Force Arrow. After everything got back, he then introduced himself as Jonathan Klondike, shocking the girls.


He usually appears to wear a blue beach hat sometimes worn over the head or hands and white shirt with red lines the shoulder he also appears wearing light brown pants and brown shoes and as a shopkeeper he wears a pink apron with heart shaped pockets.

In episode 17, he appears to be Sir Jonathan, as him, he wears a knight armor, and also carries a sword.


He is sweet at the girls and is happy, always when the girls question him, he never answers back but lets the girls find out. He appears really caring, when it comes to Ai, as seen in episodes, he comes and visits Ai and lets her drink milk if she needs to or sleep.


  • He appears sharing similarities with, Ouji Masamune from Suite Pretty Cure♪, sharing same hair color and same length of hair and same eye color.
    • Basically a more passive version of Kisuke Urahara from Bleach.
  • His real surname, Klondike, is a reference to the solitaire game. Also, his store is called Solitaire.
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